Blogger Slams Back At Shamers And Her “Bikini Body” Post Takes Internet By Storm

Bikini or beach body is more a state of mind, rather than a slim or toned body. It’s being confident with who you are. But unfortunately, body shamers exist and oftentimes they can shake one’s confidence. Whether they do it to celebrities or just random people, trolls somehow feel the need to shame others for their appearance.

Thankfully, nowadays people are not hesitating to backfire to unsolicited opinions, just like Shelley Proebstel did when she received some very unwanted attention. The New Zealand blogger was having a nice day at the beach when a group of men started laughing at her body.

Now, clearly, Shelley was not the kind of person to be shamed into covering up, instead, the blogger decided to turn the incident into something positive and inspire others while at it.

blogger's bikini body post goes viral

She decided to share the story on her Facebook page and blog called Bald and Beautiful, writing:

To the guys who pointed and laughed when I took my sarong off today at Mt Maunganui Beach, bearing my soul (my bikini body) to the world, I just want to say (excuse my language but) F*CK YOU.

Shelley went on reporting the consequences of body shaming, and how it affects women who have been subjected to a particularly narrow beauty standard for decades. She slammed the shamers for being the reason women are ‘incredibly insecure’ with their body image, avoiding public appearances while wearing a bikini, crop top, or some certain kind of clothes.

It’s because of people like you that people starve themselves and make themselves sick in an attempt to maintain a ‘model-like figure.’

It’s because of people like you that people become anorexic, obese, bulimic, self harm, commit suicide…I could go on. No, you are not responsible for the entirety… But YES, you have to take some responsibility.

The blogger then gave a piece of advice to bullies, so the next time they decide to shame someone, they should also consider the damage they’re causing, admitting that she too, sometimes struggles with self-doubt, referring to the incident at the beach.

I won’t lie, there was a split second that I almost quickly covered up again, and then I reminded myself of all I have learnt on this journey, and I held my head high and stuck my belly out and wore that bikini with pride.

Her post has since gone viral with over 24,000 likes on Facebook, and many comments supporting the blogger’s decision to speak out on the matter.

However, some of the comments were about Shelley promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, which they attributed to Shelley’s weight. But she quickly put them right after revealing she does yoga, long-distance walking with her dogs, dance classes, as well as gym workouts three times a week.

Yes! Take that, shamers!


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