Two Bloggers Say Anyone Can Achieve The Perfect Viral Bum

Having a “bubblebum” is apparently the newest trend nowadays on Instagram and other social media platforms. But do you think you are anywhere near to achieving it? Well, worry no more, because fitness bloggers have your back. Two of them have revealed their secrets to their perfect rears and what’s most shocking is that, according to them, anyone can achieve it. Are you ready to find out more?

Australian mother-of-two Tammy Hembrow boasts 7.8 million followers thanks to her smoldering selfies and fitness tips.


The 34-year-old Tammy Hembrow has one of Instagram’s most enviable bums, or as its nowadays called, a ‘bubble bum’. The Queensland mom has Khloe Kardashian following her and the reality TV star has actually been motivated on her fitness journey by the blogger.

About getting those curves, Tammy says: “I currently train hard 5 days a week doing a combination of weight training, HIIT, and cardio.”


“I focus my training around building a round, lifted butt, without neglecting my upper body, back, and core.”


When it comes to her diet, she admits that there are no strict restrictions, but she is careful what she eats. Moreover, she is open to a ‘cheat day’ at the weekend.


She revealed on social media: “I eat clean whole foods avoiding junk food and anything with added chemicals and preservatives. I eat strictly during the week and then on the weekends I allow myself to indulge a little by going out to restaurants or having a cheat meal.”


Additionally, she claims she loves ‘chicken breast, rice and spinach’ as a go-to healthy meal because of its simplicity.


Tammy is not the only bubblebum-reared blogger inspiring others with her perfect body.

Jen Selter has over 11.8 million Instagram followers thanks to her pert posterior, which some have previously accused of being fake.


The 24-year-old is known for her ‘belfies’ and her bum. Some people have even accused her of having implants.

However, the New Yorker silenced those rumors in an interview where she said she is a ‘normal’ woman.

Speaking to Women’s Health about her workout regime in May 2017, Jen said: “I’m a normal girl and I like to go to the gym, get my workout in and feel good about myself. Results don’t happen overnight. They happen with dedication and hard work. I separate my training into leg day, upper body, core and cardio. I always work out for an hour.”


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Source: Dailymail