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Find Out What Your Body Shape Says About Your Personality

Find Out What Your Body Shape Says About Your Personality


A person’s body shape is mostly work of their genetic makeup. However, the physical attributes also depend on exercises and nutrition. Geometrical shapes are here to assist us to determine the most common shapes of the human body. Usually, women have one of six body types.

  • Rectangular-shaped,
  • pear-shaped,
  • cone-shaped,
  • apple-shaped,
  • hourglass-shaped and
  • banana-shaped.


Did you know that your body shape can reveal many things about you? Scroll down and find out what, courtesy of Stylecraze.

1. Slender or banana-shaped body


If you have a banana-shaped body, the cons and pros of your character would depend on how athletic or tall you are. For example, people who are thin are more introverted compared to those with a rounder body. They are also more organized but often misunderstood as being selfish.

Those who are of the statuesque figure are most likely to have a strong thing about physical exercises. They are really creative and also very caring people. If you have this body shape and you are tall you usually tend to be low on self-worth and settle for less. So, always know your self-worth and don’t underestimate yourself.

2. Rectangular or ruler-shaped body


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This is the most common type of body shape and it features shoulders that align with a straight torso. Ruler-shaped women tend to be envious and they have a traditional mindset. Also, they tend to find a partner who shares the same values as them.

3. Round or apple-shaped body


Women who have a body shaped like an apple have smaller shoulders and hips and it’s no secret that they love indulging more in food than anything else. Even though it is genetic, the lack of workout or imbalanced diet can make a body go round, so to say. These people are friendly, positive, fun and loving. Also, the woman with the apple shape of the body tend to seek for equality and they are usually high in confidence.

4. Spoon or pear-shaped body


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Women who have a pear-shaped body are extrovert and adventurous. Even though they are usually being themselves, they attract a lot of attention. Also, these individuals are usually careless and tend to have high confidence. On the other side, these women tend to suffer from health conditions such as breast or ovarian cancer.

5. Cone-shaped body


This is also usually called ‘the inverted triangle’ body shape since the upper body is much broader than the lower one. Women with this shape of the body tend to have a strong and athletic body and they don’t tend to show a lot of weight, which makes them be very enviable. Also, these people are most likely to stand up first and accept a dare.

6. Hourglass-shaped body


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This body type is rare but one of the most desirable since it features a body that is curvy in the right places like the bust and the booty. Can you believe that actually, the people with this body shape are likely to have low self-esteem? They are usually concern about how other people perceive them. Being perfectionists, these women tend to spend a lot of time looking for the “right one.”

Source: stylecraze

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