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Complement Your Boho Wedding With These 12+ DIY Projects

Complement Your Boho Wedding With These 12+ DIY Projects

Everybody has their own preferences and perfect images in their head when it comes to weddings and different sorts of celebrations. However, nowadays we have seen more and more boho style weddings and birthday celebrations, and it’s fair to say, we were quite impressed. But, as you might probably know, a boho celebration is not a boho celebration without the boho details. And, you know what? Let’s say the boho details are quite easy to make and not as expensive as you might expect as well.

So, in case you’re going to opt for a boho wedding, or are simply obsessed with the boho aesthetics, you have clicked on the right article. Scroll below to see a few DIYs that will make your wedding a boho masterpiece.


1. Flower Crowns For The Wedding Party

boho wedding DIY projects

Source: Honestly WTF

You can do these crowns with florist crepe paper and floral wire.


2. Jar Lanterns

boho wedding DIY projects

Source: Brit + Co

When nightfall comes, your guests are going to love these jar lanterns made with mason jars, twine, and candles.


3. Floral Wedding Wreath

Source: Youtube | Hobby Lobby

Take a metal hoop, and place the decorations and arrangements on top. You can even hand pictures inside of the hoop.

Source: Style Me Pretty


4. Succulent Painted Glass Bowls

Source: More Lifestyle

Pot your succulent inside these bowls made with dollar store products. They will sure look outstanding.


5. Mason Jar Bride & Groom

Source: The 36th Avenue

You can achieve this DIY with paint, felt, and netting. Leave them open with pen and paper nearby, so people can place their marriage advice inside.


6. Personalized Chalkboard Signs

Source: So Shay Blog

You can use these to write any type of messages, be it directions, or simply leave them blank so people can write their own messages to the newlyweds.


7. Flower Chandelier

Source: Honestly WTF

You can place this chandelier anywhere, it’s simple and so unique at the same time. And it contributes so much to the boho aesthetics.


8. Agate Napkin Rings

Source: Pretty Prudent

All you need to do is glue a slice of agate into the napkin ring and let it dry.


9. DIY Candle Holders

Source: One Essential Community

Keep bugs away by using these candle holders made with mason jars, floating candles, rosemary, and essential oil.


10. Use Old Birch Logs As Tea Light Holders

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Just made sure to drill out holes that are big enough for the tea lights to sit like in the picture above.


11. Fake Leaf Napkin Ring

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Source: Oh Happy Day

They are made with paper and wire, meaning they are quite cheap. So, if you’re not into the agate napkin rings, you can opt for these instead.


12. String Vases

Source: Style Me Pretty

You can wrap your vases with these patterns and they will definitely stand out and make your wedding have a boho chic look.


13. Doily Lamp

Source: Instructables | kazmataz

What you need to do to achieve this is simply glue the doilies around the balloon and let dry. Afterward, pop the balloon and add the light inside.


14. Vintage Doors

Source: DIYs

Such a lovely DIY, especially the setting.


15. Photo Decor

Source: Simple As That Blog

This would look perfect in any wedding setting.


Any thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below. We’ll read them.


From: Diply

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