Why Did Bollywood Actress Aishwarya Carry Her Daughter In Her Arms?

There’s Hollywood and its money, limelight, and massive fandom – but there’s also Bollywood, and with India’s whopping population, it’s not that different or far behind.

Today, thanks to StyleCraze, we’re taking a look at one of the greatest Bollywood celebrities – Aishwarya Rai, and a recent controversy surrounding the star.

Namely, fans have been asking: why is she still carrying daughter Aaradhya in her arms?


Photos like these have been at the center of the Bollywood controversy.


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Namely, fame is known as a pretty severe privacy violator, and poor Aishwarya wasn’t protected from it. It all began when the forty-four-year-old Indian actress was spotted carrying her almost five-year-old daughter in her arms. Returning from Cannes, the actress and her daughter were at the airport, stuck in a huge crowd. The mother instinctively felt she had to pick her daughter up.

But soon after she was buried with questions and judgment. Why did she still carry her daughter in her arms?! Wasn’t that unseemly? Somehow unhealthy?

The answer, of course, is why the hell not. But Aishwarya offered a more polite version of that:

“Aaradhya has seen it since birth, and I would like to think she is used to it. But when Aaradhya saw these people coming, she just wanted to stop in her tracks and squatted on the floor. I knew it was time for me to pick her up. I just wanted everyone to be safe, including my child.”

Turns out it was Aishwarya’s motherly instincts. Who would’ve thought?


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Like the photos above show, however, cute Aaradhya is already a pretty strong young lady on her own. She has grown up with the experience of her mom being a famous actress and has picked up some of the tips & tricks for being a true celebrity. But let’s be real: the controlled environment at the Cannes Film Festival in France is pretty different than a massive airport filled with thousands of strangers. Aishwarya did the right thing in trying to protect her four-year-old Wonder Girl.

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