Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How You Can Support Loved Ones

October is breast cancer awareness month and the world is showing their support to their loved ones who have been diagnosed with the disease.

First and foremost, how much do we know about breast cancer? Well, according to InStyle, every year, hundreds of thousands are diagnosed with breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, about 252,710 new cases were diagnosed in women. The organization also estimated that about 40,610 women died from it.

What causes breast cancer? According to WebMD, the specific causes of breast cancer are still unclear, but the risk factors have been identified. Research claims that most women who are considered at high risk of getting the disease do not get it, and those with no known risk factors develop breast cancer.  To list the most significant factors, advancing age and family history play a great role. A woman who has certain types of benign breast lumps has a higher risk of getting the disease as well as a woman who has had cancer of the breast or ovaries in the past.

What can you do during Breast Cancer Awareness Month? If you have been thinking about ways to show your support to loved ones with breast cancer, this month is the time you can do it. How? Well, there are many ideas and activities one can do in order to shine light on loved ones as well as show your love and support.


Below you will find a number of breast cancer awareness activities and ideas you can do.

breast cancer awareness month activities

At Home

1. Pink Food Party

You can gather guests, place a table clothed in pink, and place peonies and pixies. Add a lot of pink food, pink lemonades, donuts, cakes, and so on. Make sure your guests wear pink ribbons as well.

2. Pink Scavenger Hunt

You can make a pink-themed scavenger hunt around the neighborhood or the entire town. Place pink balloons with inspirational quotes inside that appear when the seekers find them.

3. Pink Talent Show

Think about a karaoke night. Have your friends sing and vote on the best talent by donating money into a jar. Those that win the most money win the talent show, and the money gets donated to the fight against breast cancer.


The Workplace

1. Door Decorating Contest

In order for the workers to decorate a designated door in the office, they should first pay a suggested donation for each door. The decorative items can be purchased or taken from home. The money gets donated.

2. Pink Fridays

Your employees can wear casual pink clothing on Fridays. They must make a minimum of $1 donation each Friday, and each week you can vote for the employee who is the prettiest in pink.

3. Host Corporate Sponsored Event

Many organizations host walkathons, bowling events, of golf events where supporters can participate and raise funds through sponsorship, So if you want you may do the same and organize your own sponsored event. Get volunteers, send invitations. You may even try selling personalized breast cancer awareness merchandise to get more funds.

4. Social Media Awareness Campaign

You can create a social media campaign for the company and its breast cancer efforts. Your employees can share it and see who can get more donations. You can add cool prizes, or a day off for the person who gets more traffic.

What else can you do?

Pink Car Wash

Carwashes have been an effective way to raise money for quite some time now. If the company gets involved and everyone participates, it will prove to be a success.

Pink Silent Auction

You can ask local businesses to donate items to your event. Or you can gather people and put them into teams and make them go for donations to create prize baskets for the event.



Source: Breastcenter


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