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Breastfeeding Mother Backfires At Man Who Asks Her To Cover Up

Breastfeeding Mother Backfires At Man Who Asks Her To Cover Up

Mothers have no way of timing when their babies need feeding, whether they are in the comfort of their own home, in a shopping mall, or, even in the middle of a park. I mean, a baby is a baby, when they need to be fed they have to. That is exactly what keeps them healthy and calm. How would you feel if you suddenly feel the need to eat and someone stops you? Yeah, exactly!

As much as in some of the cases members of the public understand that there are some people out there who will simply not get that breastfeeding in public is a need.

The story to which we’ll introduce you is about this stranger who approached a breastfeeding mother in a restaurant, demanding the mother to cover up. I mean, what could the lady do? Let her four-month-old son starve because someone is bothered by that?

What the stranger meant by ‘cover-up’ was, for the woman to cover her breast. The mother felt enraged by the comment, nevertheless, she didn’t respond to it with anger or anything like that. She, in fact, handled the situation in a pretty mature way. What she did was, understood the man’s request to cover up, and took her baby’s blanket to cover HER HEAD. Yup, she did that.

Her partner who happened to be with her blessed us with a picture of the hilarious response. The post has since then gone viral on Facebook and has amassed more than 180,000 shares.

Her partner proceeded to take a photograph of the hilarious response, which has since gone viral on Facebook with more than 180,000 shares.

Here’s the picture for you to witness it yourself:

So, this is what happens when you give your unsolicited opinion on some matter. And I am here for that.

breastfeeding mother backfires

The Austin, Texas mom said she usually covers up more but they were in the back of the restaurant.

However, Carol Lockwood from Honolulu took to Facebook to upload the picture and it has gone viral ever since.

She wrote:

“A friend’s daughter-in-law was told to “cover up” while feeding her baby, so she did! I’ve never met her, but I think she’s awesome”

Many people supported Melanie.

Everyone was proud of the breastfeeding mommy.

They pointed out that breasts are made for nursing and it is natural

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The woman sitting with the blanket over her head clearly is making a statement.

For an interview with Yahoo, Melanie explained:

“I was on vacation in Cabo San Lucas with my entire family and a man asked me to cover myself. I’m usually discreet but we were seated in the back of the restaurant.”

However, not everyone agreed on the ‘discretion’ part. But telling people what you did 50 years ago really isn’ going to be much help.

I, for myself, believe that people should keep their unsolicited opinions to themselves. There is nothing unnatural about breastfeeding, and people really need to stop sexualizing this phenomenon. And I am really proud of women who backfire towards these people who tend to ruin every little moment.

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