What Actually Happens To Your Breasts When You Lose Weight

Ever noticed that when you shed a few pounds your jeans are not the only thing that need to go down in size? Well, you will need a smaller bra size, too. I have first hand experienced this sad phenomenon. Why does this happen? I am here to walk you through some basics to help you understand why our breasts decrease in size when we lose overall weight.

1. It has to do with the breast tissue.

A large amount of the breasts is fat tissue. So, when you gain weight, these cells expand, causing your breasts to grow. While when you shed pounds, these cells shrink and your breasts reduce in size. So, whether your breasts will reduce if you lose weight depends on the number of fat tissue you have. Such a statistic can be found out through medical procedures like a mammogram.



2. Breasts speak about your body as a whole.

The size of your breasts says a lot about your body weight. Women who have larger breasts might have a higher body mass index. They weigh more and have more fat tissue.


3. Do they just become smaller or do they become saggier, too?

The collagen and elastic are two things that support breast tissue. When you experience weight loss, collagen and elastin break down which result in saggy boobs. However, this condition is worse if your weight fluctuates in a short period of time.

breasts weight loss


4. How can we avoid saggy breasts?

Well, the very first thing we should try to do is shed the weight at a slow and steady rate. It is important that you drop weight slowly, giving your body time to adjust. Then, something else that you can do is not wear a bra 24/7. I know it may sound a little contradictory, however, wearing a bra all the time defies its purpose. And lastly, don’t use a weight loss program that targets fat loss.



P.S. Keep in mind that whenever you decide to drop some pounds, you should make sure you are doing weight training as well as taking care of what you eat and/or doing cardio. Cardio targets fat burn, while training with weights provides you with a healthy and improved metabolism.


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Source: Stylecraze