Your Bridal Hairstyle Has Officially Been Found

Searching for a bridal look that’s going to dazzle your guests? Ehmm, not quite the right question I was going to ask. Shall we start once again from the beginning? Ay right! Searching for an angelic yet sultry bridal look sprinkled with some floral touch that’s going to leave speechless and dazzled your guests and everyone else? (Well, never mind the guests anyway. There’s always someone to dislike something about the wedding, so as long as you feel happy and comfortable in that look, you’re good to go.) We got the perfect solution for you folks! Ulyana.aster, who you can find on Instagram, will offer you such a wide variety of options, you will find hard to pick only one. She is a hair stylist who makes video tutorials about different hairstyles and also sells such beautiful headpieces and accessories. She will definitely inspire and help you find the look you always dreamed of having not only for the big day but for any event you need. Whether you have short hair, medium or long hair, or super-straight hair, these will work out for you.

What spices up her hairstyles are the floral headpieces she uses, which make your look unique. For those who want to learn Ulyana Aster hairstyles, you can purchase or subscribe her online video tutorials on her website. There you also have the possibility to purchase genuine Ulyana Aster headpieces.

Don’t wait and scroll down to browse the collection of wedding hairstyle inspiration:

The twisted strands add even more texture to her hair.

A dazzling floral headpiece is the ultimate finishing touch for this beautiful hairstyle.

Let’s reveal techniques behind this incredible hairstyle:

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Don’t you just love the addition of the glittering hair clip to this adorable bride’s hair?

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Here she shares the intricate details of doing another hairstyle:

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That’s what I call a piece of art!

bridal hairstyle

A pair of happiness! You will want to add this to your bridal hairstyle portfolio.

Add some fresh spring to your updo! Beauty overload guaranteed!

Some flowers and sweet curls made for a harmonious combination.

bridal hairstyle

This hairstyle is the best for both worlds: It’s humidity-proof, yet twisted strands give it a more relaxed feel. Gold!

What’s your favorite? Strawberry, ash or blond?

bridal hairstyle

 Source: Ulyana.aster

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