Bride Broke Both Her Feet While Dancing On Her Wedding Day

A wedding is supposed to be the best day of someone’s life – a day to celebrate the fact you and your partner have decided you want to spend the rest of your lives together. And, of course, you want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as it can.

So you’ve planned ahead, have everything picked out, from the venue, to the music, to the food. But as we all know, not everything always goes according to plan, and try as you might to make sure everything is perfect, last minute disasters can always occur. For example, it could rain on the day of your outdoor wedding, you might accidentally spill something on your dress, forget the rings, break both your legs… wait, what?

If that sounds a bit far-fetched, let me tell you it’s not. It really happened to 30-year-old Lyndsey Henderson, as she danced a little too enthusiastically on her wedding night to her favorite song, B*Witched’s ‘C’est la Vie’.

The bride had already had the routine down pat and delivered it successfully during her first wedding reception a week prior in Santorini, Greece. However, last Saturday, during the second reception at Cadbury’s Factory in Birmingham, after she jumped in the air during the pop song, she landed on the sides of her feet.

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But apparently not one to give up quickly, she went on dancing, not knowing she had broken three bones in her left foot and had a hairline fracture in her right. It was only two days later when she visited a doctor that she found about the extent of her injuries.

At the hospital she visited, she was told she has to wear two casts and rest for up to six weeks.

bride broke both her feet
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As a silver lining, her and her husband’s, 28-year-old Sean Hendersons’ honeymoon isn’t until April, and by then she will have recovered. And, if you’re thinking she might have been a little drunk, she revealed that she was actually completely sober.

“I chose not to drink as I wanted to remember the night with all my loved ones,” she said. “I just went absolutely crazy as it’s one of my favorite songs and was the first one I bought on cassette in 1998! It was around 11 pm and the DJ put the song on and I was doing my best Michael Flatley with all my bridesmaids. Then when I went a bit freestyle I managed to jump up and land on the sides of my feet.”

bride broke both her feet
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“At first I didn’t realize what had happened. I noticed I landed funny but didn’t give it a second thought. I kept on dancing for another six songs and even had a dance with my dad to ‘Wonderful Tonight’ afterwards,” she added. “It wasn’t until the next day when I started walking a bit weird on my left foot that I thought something was up. But I just thought it was a sprain. I spent the Sunday with Sean just watching movies and chilling out.”

She explained that she does find the humor in it, and knows it could have been much worse.

“Sean returned from his first day back at work to me with two casts on my legs,” she said. “His reaction was complete shock. He’s been an absolute angel and has been waiting on me hand and foot. After all, our vows did say ‘in sickness and in health’!”

Oh well, what can you do right?


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