Bride Visited Her Ill Grandfather On Her Wedding Day And We Can’t Contain Our Feelings

Grandparents are truly a blessing and if you have a grandfather or grandmother who is also your friend, you’re among the lucky ones.

This nurse from Oakville, Ontario was planning to have her 99-year-old grandfather Kjell Renstrom, walk her down the aisle on her big day.

However, Maria Galea’s plans didn’t go accordingly, as her grandfather fell ill just days prior to the wedding and had to be hospitalized.

But that didn’t stop the 28-year-old bride to carry on with what she had in mind. She decided to surprise her grans by visiting him in the hospital the morning of her wedding, in her wedding dress, accompanied by her photographer, Anastasia Giaouris of Olive Photography.

Pictured above the touching moment of surprising her grandfather on her wedding day.

Even though he fell sick just days before the wedding due to pneumonia, Maria did not cancel her plan. She just changed it.

Maria explained that her grandfather has been as a huge part of her life and she sees him constantly while describing the 99-year-old as a ‘kind, loving and giving person’.

Since the grandfather could not join, Maria and the wedding photographer paid a visit to the hospital.

Maria told

“I went and saw him the following day at the hospital and his condition was very poor. I was devastated; My plans have been on asking him to walk me down the aisle alongside my dad.

‘Since I am his final grandchild to get married, and we all knew he would be so moved to walk me down the aisle. At one point, we weren’t sure if he would even hold on until the wedding day, and it was really hard on all of the family.”

Jokingly she said, “Even at 99 years old, he is sharp as a nail, and probably has a better memory than I do!

Maria also said that both she and the photographer were moved to tears when they visited her grandfather.

She also admits that she has been ‘constantly worrying’ that he wouldn’t be able to make it to the wedding since the family had already noticed a decline in Kjell’s mental sharpness and as he had become very frail.

“I got up really early to have my hair and makeup done, and then my dad drove me an hour to my parents house. I put my dress on with my mom and then we drove to the hospital,” Maria explained.

Her big day was perfect and special, as it wasn’t an ordinary bridal party.

“I thought I could stay composed.” She said, “…but as soon as I saw him and he saw me we were both reduced to tears.

“It was such a beautiful moment.” Continuing, “…and you could see it meant just as much to him as it did to me.”

She added: “He was so funny. “…He looked me over and then with a smile said ‘so you haven’t changed your mind?‘ I said absolutely not, and that I loved Keegan so much. He replied “me too”‘.

While the hospital visit made Maria’s wedding day a little more exciting, she said that she is extremely lucky that her photographer was there to capture the special touching moment.

Maria said, “[She] went above and beyond as a wedding photographer to capture this incredibly important moment in my life”.


Source: Dailymail

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