Bride Pranked Groom By Sending Brother In Her Place To Their ‘First Look’

We’ve seen many couples pulling wedding-day pranks on each other before, but the story we are going to reveal now is going to be one of your favorites. Definitely, the one I’d choose to make on my wedding day.

Heidi Zherelyev, a bride from Phoenix, before going to say her I do’s, noticed that her husband was anxious and not exactly as collected as she was. So to lighten the mood, she came up with something. Her remedy? A hilarious prank; she sent her brother in her place for the dress reveal, which now is going viral. “He was a ball of nerves,” Heidi told WFAA Arizona of her husband, Val. “His palms were sweaty. He was trembling.”

The bride and her friend, Chelsea, told how they previously have been thinking to dress up Heidi’s brother, Eric, in a bride dress and have him surprise Val, Heidi’s husband-to-be for the first look. So, now it was the right time to put their plan into action.

Right before the big reveal, Heidi’s brother slipped into Chelsea’s old wedding dress. For an extra special touch, he didn’t miss using her sister’s deodorant and perfume so he would smell like her.

The one to capture these moments was the photographer, Nichole Cline. Despite being used to take beautiful wedding pictures, she doesn’t see often a bride’s brother squeezing into a wedding dress.

Heidi got to watch the whole scene unfold from her window where she was hiding behind the curtains, as she tried to stifle her laughter.

The best part? It worked. Heidi says Val was instantly more comfortable.

Aren’t these photos just adorable? My brother would have never done such a thing.

Hopefully, Eric didn’t stretch out the dress too much before the ceremony.

Obviously, Eric wasn’t who Val was expecting to turn around and see.

bride pranked groom

bride pranked groom

bride pranked groom

They all the seem less anxious and more relaxed. Thanks to Eric! Hats off to Eric!

bride pranked groom

Source: 9Gag


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