“Game Of Thrones” Fans Are Sure That Brienne Will Die In The Next Episode

For how excited we all were for the final season of Game Of Thrones, I think we all forgot what exactly was in store for us…

Ever since the show returned two weeks ago, we’ve not been subjected to anything shocking, crushing, or completely heartbreaking yet. However, everything is about to change next Sunday with the third episode which will show the Battle of Winterfell, aka the longest battle sequence in movie or TV history ever. It will be the living fighting off a massive army of the undead, which also means none of our favorite characters are safe – none!

But fans seem to think that one character in particular, who is especially in danger of dying, is Brienne of Tarth. Now, if you have not watched the second episode of the eighth season, be warned now, there are spoilers below.


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So, if you are someone who has watched all episodes of Game Of Thrones, you know that even before now, no character was ever really safe and that the showrunners like to play with our emotions by killing off people just as things seem to be going great for them or they’ve experienced a moment of joy.

And with Lady Brienne of Tarth having just become a Knight, she is in major danger – at least according to some concerned fans.

The most beautiful moment at last Sunday’s episode was without a doubt the face of joy Brienne made upon being named a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by Jaime Lannister, so should the fan theories be correct, her demise next episode will be particularly painful…

“I’m so happy for my shooter Brienne for finally getting the Knight ranking she deserves. It’s all she ever wanted. The smile on her face was so pure and joyous. She’s definitely bout to die,” a fan shared on social media, while another added “It’s almost like her character arc is complete…You know what happens next right?”

So, yeah we may have that waiting for us next week.

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Scroll down to see a list of fan reactions to the theory and feel free to join in on the panic/pain.

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They really do not…

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We are!

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Among many others…

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With ~that~ scene last episode, Gendry is also a big possibility.

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Probably, yeah.

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So, what do you think? Is Brienne going to die or should we expect the unexpected as it always is with Game Of Thrones? Guess we just have to wait and see…