20 Brilliant Home Hacks For The Laziest Out There

Adulting is hard, but things need to be done. Yet, you keep procrastinating being responsible and having things done until the very last moment. Every day, you keep doing the same: sleeping, eating, working, Netflix, chilling… It seems like there is no time for being organized at home.

By following some hacks and applying some smart advice to your life, however, you might get yourself to do a lot of things in very little time without putting much effort in. You don’t trust me? Take a look at these in-house hacks for the laziest ones out there, compiled by Diply, and try saying they are not easy.

1. Attach a car freshener to a fan and keep your room fresh.

It’s a perfect summer hack.


Source: Common Canopy

2. Use a pool noodle to protect your car door

This hack is so easy and it will save you a lot of nerves and money.


Source: Lifehacker

3. Flip the switch on your ceiling fan

Yeah, that tiny switch will rotate the blades and you can turn it clockwise when it’s chilly outside. In this way, the warm air will force itself downwards. Talk about saving on energy bills!


Source: Mom 4 Real

4. Use desk storage as pantry storage

You are well-aware of the fact that pantry is important. I mean, it saves lives! This strategy will give you lots of room for all the snacks you need.


Source: Domestic Imperfection

5. Attach a magnet to the bottom of your hammer

Never lose nails again in your life! Keep it away from children, though.


Source: Dream A Little Bigger

6. Store your laundry detergent in a beverage dispenser

You probably have one of these laying around and collecting dust, so it’s high time you finally used it! Just keep it out of reach of young children.


Source: Your Little Birdie

7. Use an upside-down command hook to hang a wreath

Who would have thought you can put your wreath up so easily?


Source: Timmons Family Lemonade

8. Use a bottle to help fill a glass jar

No need for a lot of material!


Source: Curb Alert Blog

9. Hide your router behind some “books”

Routers are ugly, let’s admit it. But you can always hide them with this simple DIY “books” hack. I’m definitely doing this today!


Source: DIY Real

10. Use a squeegee to pick up pet hair

Interestingly, getting rid of your pet’s hairs doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming.


Source: Pet Doors

11. Use a rubber band to help unscrew a stripped screw

How many times have I struggled with these? Anyone got a rubber band?


Source: Life Hacker

12. Use shower curtain hooks to hang your jeans

It saves a lot of space, too.


Source: Home Hacks

13. Use a pop tab to hang a second hanger

This is perfect for small spaces and a lot of clothes.


Source: The Shabby Creek Cottage

14. Put a little squiggle of glue on top of your hangers to stop clothes from falling off

Finally, this annoyance is gone for good. No more clothes on the floor.


Source: The Shabby Creek Cottage

15. Use an empty wine bottle to hold your jewelry

It’s both stylish and a cute way to get rid of all the wine bottles lying around.


Source: I Spy DIY

16. Use a tension rod underneath your sink for cleaning storage

Who would have thought there is so much space underneath the sink?


Source: Martha Stewart

17. Use a pinecone and a medicine bottle to hide your spare keys

This looks so adorable! Just don’t forget where you hid it!


Source: Factory Direct Craft

18. Use tape to help measure the perfect distance between holes

Don’t have a meter? This makes it so much easier to drill.


Source: I Heart Nap Time

19. Add a few drops of essential oil to the inside of a toilet paper roll

Magic scent! Genius hack, indeed.


Source: Loving Oily Life

20. Never run out of hand soap again!

Try adding an extra long tube from your dispenser to a giant bottle of soap. What a relief!


Source: Ask Anna | Simple Details Blog

Here are some life hacks that are actually ridiculous!

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