The Cold Wave Makes People Leave Hats & Scarves For Those In Need

As a wave of cold born in the depths of the Siberian tundras sweeps across Europe, solidarity in the face of adversity has been taking center stage in many parts of the continent. As Britain encountered some of the worst weather this time of year in decades, police and fire services across the country have scrambled to emergency work. They rescued stranded vehicles and had to deal with numerous crashes. The snow continued to fall, adding several more inches of snow in some parts. The Met Office issued stern warnings all the while, citing “potential risk to life and property.”

But the story of the day comes from Bristol, a city in the southeast of England where volunteers have been leaving warm items on posts and railings around town to help anyone who might be in need.



Volunteers in Bristol have organized themselves to help those most affected by the cold


Each of the items has a label attached explaining it’s not lost, but there for anyone in need to take. Meanwhile, the hashtag #keepBristolwarm has been used on social media to highlight the random acts of kindness.

As the storm called Beast From the East continues, heavy snow has continuously been causing trouble across the United Kingdom, with the sub-zero conditions brought by the Beast from the East disrupting trains, planes and road traffic.

According to National Rail Enquiries, disruption to trains could be expected in the schedules of c2c, Greater Anglia, and Stansted Express. Furthermore, potential disruption can affect ScotRail, Southeastern, Southern, Thameslink and Gatwick Express, as well as South Western Railway, TfL Rail. London Overground, as well as the Central line, District line and Piccadilly line on the London Underground were also affected this morning.


Keep Bristol Warm: People are leaving hats and scarves out in the street for anyone to take if they are cold.


Temperatures plummeted overnight, with Benson near Oxford recording a low of 14°F (-10°C). The temperatures in most parts of Britain hovered between 25°F (-4°C) and 19F (-7°C).

If the weather forecast is to be trusted, the snow and freezing temperatures will not be letting up anytime soon, prompting the Met Office to extend its weather warnings until further notice.

Source: dailymail