The British Royal Family Will Get Its Own Funko POP Dolls Soon!

Well, it’s really a good time for all you royal family fanatics, because now you can have the British royalty anywhere you please. Albeit in the form of dolls.

royal family

According to Entertainment Weekly, you’ll soon be able to buy Funko POP! dolls modeled after members of the British Royal Family. These include a doll made after the likeness of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, Queen Elizabeth II (of course), then Prince Charles, his son-Princes Harry and William and last but not least, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

All of the Royals will make their marks on the dolls. For example, Diana will come in six clothing variations, while Harry is rocking his stylish beard. The doll for the Queen comes with an extra corgy (of course), and Kate Middleton’s features an elegance that can’t be topped.

Apparently, Funko’s POP! dolls Royal Family Edition will hit markets some time in February 2018, and until then you can preview their designs below.

1. The Princess Diana doll comes in six variants, like with an elegant black dress…


2. Or a red one. The tiara is a MUST though. Isn’t she just gorgeous?


3. The doll for Queen Elizabeth comes with a cute little corgi!


4. And meet Prince Charles – as classy as ever


5. Prince Harry rocks a handsome beard on his doll version too


6. Doll or no doll, Prince William is as suave as ever.


7. And finally: Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge


Is someone missing though? Hmmm… I can’t help but feel they need a doll for someone else too.

Oh, that’s right, Meghan Markle! Why is she missing? Maybe we’ll get a doll modeled after her after the wedding, I guess.

Until then, take a look at Will and Kate’s Christmas card:

Source: EW

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