Oops I Did It Again: Britney Spears Shows Her Figure In Skimpy Bikini

Long time no see, Britney. But oh boy are we glad you’re back! After her intense years, the thirty-six-year-old pop star was spotted on a beach on Wednesday looking rather great, as shared by the DailyMail.

She shared new pics on Instagram, showing off her toned body.


But a lot has changed since her heyday, and now Britney didn’t enjoy the beach alone. She was hanging out together with her sons, the younger Jayden James, who’s eleven, and Sean, twelve. The “Oops I Did It Again” hitmaker shares the boys with the thirty-nine-year-old professional wrestler, rapper and backup dancer, Kevin Federline.

Rocking aviator sunglasses, Britney posed together with her sons Sean and Jayden.


She and Federline married in 2004, but the marriage didn’t last long. They filed for divorce and went their separate ways just two years later, in 2006.

Sean and Jayden had a great time too! Britney seems to be doing well as a mom.


After the divorce, the once ubiquitous singer slowly went from being a party animal to ending up in rehab, to getting her head shaved, and eventually got two psychiatric evaluations in 2008.

Since then, Federline got the custody of the kids, but she has been gradually getting better.


Happy times: Lately Britney is very much in love with Iranian-born model, Sam Asghari:

And apparently, her newfound love is having a positive effect on her wellbeing, health and overall happiness in life. So much so, that she’s even spending more time with the kids and rocking a pretty hot body!

Well, you’re doing it again Britney! But much better this time! Glad to have you back.

Source: dailymail

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