12+ BTS Inspired Tattoos That K-Pop Fans Will For Sure Relate To

You probably don’t know what it is to be a BTS K-pop fan, unless you have a 14-year-old sister at home who is obsessed with their songs, lyrics, beat, concerts, and oh, well, the members of the K-pop band. Getting to gain some knowledge about the Korean culture is now part of your life.

BTS’ songs are full of meaning and the stunning visuals, oh boy. Not only they inspire fans with their songs and lyrics, but they are now an inspiration to get yourself inked as well. The band’s official name is ARMY and the members themselves have tattoos in their body. Jimin has a BTS-inspired tattoo and there are various BTS inspired tattoos which took Instagram by storm.

The members of the group are truly talented and opting for a BTS-inspired tattoo offers you colorful designs or black-and-white, dainty, bold, classic or modern. One thing’s for sure, you will find yourself in these styles depending on your personality. Below find a list of some inspired ARMY tattoos that are so simple and yet so beautiful.

1. Ultra-Fine Flower

The Love Yourself series inspired tattoo.


2. Simply Singularity

Singularity is the solo song of V, a BTS member who is a part o the Love yourself tear Album.


3. Chimmy Finger

The BTS inspired tattoo of the BTS member Jimin’s BT21 character.


4. Abstract Group Photo

BTS members on the RUN era.


5. Chain of Hearts

The symbol from Love Yourself album.


6. Just Jungkook

This is a picture of the BTS’ member Jungkook from the solo song called Euphoria.


7. A Numerical Tribute to Pluto

The Forever Rain solo song inspired tattoo.


8. Colorful Text

This is Jimini’s solo song on the Love Yourself album.


9. Singularity Silhouette

The solo song Singularity inspired tattoo of V’s (a band member) from the Love yourself tear Album.


10. Rainbow Hot-Air Balloon

The cover of Young Forever album inspired tattoo.


11. Ombré Logo

The Love Yourself album series inspired tattoo.


12. Celestial Cube

A clip from RM’s music video Moonchild.

BTS inspired tattoos

13. Rainbow Love

The symbol on the cover of Love Yourself Answer album.

BTS inspired tattoos
Source: Allure