Bubble Wrap Nails Are The Latest Literally SO Satisfying Trend

If you are not a fan of long and polished nails like me, then for sure you’re another person asking: Why this? when you see the “odd” nail trends we come to see every day on our screen. Where is this world going? Just joking, seriously with the biggest fashion trends around the world, nail art is no exception. I know you would say there’s totally subjectivity on how one perceives these trends to be, but still, we have to keep on track with the latest news going on into the nails world.

See, the Russian nail salon named nail_sunny (their name on Instagram) has more than 1.8m followers, and a nail art lover wouldn’t be disappointed to look a glimpse into their profile. From the simplest manicures to the ones that look way complicated for people like me, this nail artist seems to cover everyone’s taste.

Now I can only agree that popping bubble wraps is satisfying for me as well. Never thought to have bubble wraps around my nails though.

Here’s the video that shows how to do the bubble wrap design, it received more than 159.00 views and hundreds of likes and comments.

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Many commenters were saying:

We need to get there. We love bubble wraps. They’d all be popped within the hour“. The hour, huh? within the minute, I would say.

Someone else commented: “These are the nails I need lol.” The other said: “Omg I’m dead.” 

Ofc, there were negative reviews as well like:  “Those nails are ugly.


Whereas, here’s another interesting nail design from this salon:

Say cheese 🧀 🧀🧀🧀🧀🐁 Video by @edo_movs #nailsunnytutorial

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A person pointed out about this: “Oh my gosh 🧀 ….. unreal ….. ”


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