Photographer Captures Frozen City Of Bucharest, Romania After Heavy Rainfall

I’ve mentioned it before in one of my articles that nature does prove to be a point of inspiration for all artists out there. People paint the shapes of clouds, others write about the colors of the sky, and there are people who take their camera and capture every living moment and make it eternal.

Sure, there is nothing like seeing the world around you at its finest, the flowers blooming or the snowflakes falling during wintertime. Eventually, mother nature will offer something other than calmness and peacefulness – that is we’ll often get winter storms, heavy rainfalls, or even freezing weather. And, it’s in those moments when we notice that although the storms might be beautiful metaphors to write about – sometimes, its results might prove to be disastrous.

Photographer from Bucharest, Romania, Andrei Rauta, has captured exactly that! Through the photographs he has taken after a night of freezing rain, he manages to show us just how beautiful the city can look amidst the damage the rain has caused.

According to Bored Panda, the artist said that the weather was very challenging and that many unlucky cars had damages caused by the branches or the trees that had fallen. He said:

At night the view was kind of apocalyptic but also interesting; like an icy, end of the world movie. So I took a walk through my neighborhood looking for some nice shots.

Scroll down to see some of the moments Andrei has made immortal. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

More about the artist and his work: | Instagram

1. Branches on the road.

Bucharest photographs

2. Branches on the sidewalk.

Bucharest photographs

3. A frozen motorcycle.

4. Frozen branches everywhere around the city. 

5. A car that unfortunately got damaged.

6. Nightlamps looking ethereal.

7. The sidewalks covered in ice.

8. Benches, and benches, and benches.

9. A careful walk in the park.

10. The city covered in ice.

11. A completely frozen car.

12. Just like in movies.

13. Geometric shapes and figures.

14. The school.

15. The park.

16. Ice… everywhere.

17. Different hues.

18. Another unfortunate car.

19. The intensity of the ice.

20. The city lights and tree branches.



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Source: Boredpanda