Bus Driver Is Encouraging Reading Through The ‘Bucket Of Books’ Idea

It’s always nice encouraging people (and especially kids) to read more!

Growing up reading books will give you another perspective of life. It will not only alter the way you think, but it will also develop your reading skills, as well as writing skills. Not to mention the knowledge you gain by reading.

Another thing that reading provides is a way of entertainment at all times. And that’s what Special Education teacher and bus driver, Julie Callison, figured out a while ago. She decided to put a bucket of books on her daily bus ride home so her students could take the books and read them while on the road.

It all happened accidentally. She was cleaning out books in her classroom to take on vacation and she brought those books on the bus ride home with her. She told Scary Mommy:

One of the kids had a little too much energy so I asked her older brother who was sitting next to her to read her a book from the bag I had. 

Afterward, turns out the other students asked why they couldn’t do the same thing!

The Arkansas Department of Education took to Facebook to share the innovation with everyone, and it’s safe to say, the Facebook post has garnered the attention it deserves.

Callison said:

This year I added a bucket of books on my bus to encourage students to read. The way this works is, when students get on the bus they can get up to three books. After they read those, they can share with students around them, then put them back in the bucket on the way out the door.

bucket of books

She proceeded:

I have older students reading to younger students, and younger students reading to older students. On Friday afternoons we have a ‘Special Guest Reader’ usually from the back of the bus (high school or middle school student). They pick out a book, sit on the front seat and read it over the speaker to the whole bus. They love this!

Callison says that it also works to keep her students focused. She said:

They have a lot of energy, especially if the weather was bad that day and they’ve been cooped up in classrooms. This is a great way for them to focus their energy on something positive.

bucket of books

Her bus has all ages, from Pre-K to seniors. And on Fridays, she also brings a ‘Special Guest Reader’, who is usually a high school or middle school student who takes a book and reads to the entire bus.

She also told Scary Mommy that a senior to whom the kids look up to has been keeping the students updated with the ‘number of shares’ the post has received. And she said that she has heard that other bus drivers are planning on implementing a book club on their buses too.

How nice! I wish everyone would encourage reading like this!


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Source: Scarymommy