The Pitfalls Of Buying Online Shown In 12+ Funny Pictures

Shopping online is now easier than ever and the convenience and prices of online shopping are second-to-none. There is simply a whole world of exciting new retailers to try. However, there are downsides such as shipping, competing with mom and pop’s stores, and the last but not the least, not always expectations meet reality.

That’s why, sometimes you have to be such a risk taker to order something online, especially when a big event is ahead. Often are the times when our favorite dress, which looked terrifically beautiful on the website, turned out to be atrocious when the package was delivered. Those jeans that looked cool in the pictures, might not look quite good on you. That expensive chair you just bought? It is actually a miniature chair that has the capacity to fit only an ant.

I think now it’s time to see the compiled list Bored Panda has created, featuring some funny online shopping misfortunes.

Scroll down below and enjoy!


1. Pugs, what are you doing on my wall?!

Photo Credit: rraccoons


2. Probably he: “I didn’t order a dress, but whatever. I’ll give it to my sister. Or I’ll keep it. My body looks flawless on it.”

Photo Credit: Jeremy Russel Priola


3. If you order a dinosaur pillow, you’ll get a pillowcase showing a child sleeping on a dinosaur-shaped pillow. Cool!

Photo Credit: adoringly


4. “Bought my girlfriend a pillow of myself for when she went to university. Didn’t work out as I’d hoped.”

Photo Credit: locky95


5. Beauty products for your forehead!

Photo Credit: whoaaintitfun


6. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the dress.

Photo Credit: isis1231


7. Too good to be true.

Photo Credit: itssavannahxox


8. I have to say it’s creative, though.

Photo Credit: fi34rE


9. Such a gamble ordering!

Photo Credit: ruserious65433


10. Actually, this ‘online shopping fail’ is not a fail at all. (Despite the very large dimensions.)

Buying online fails
Photo Credit: pinkafterblue


11. When being hopeless escalates quickly!

Buying online fails
Photo Credit: carohIina


12. I guess this is what happens when you buy a $20 punching bag from China.

Buying online fails
Photo Credit: timdual


13. Very useful, indeed. Thank you very much!

Buying online fails
Photo Credit: TradesVanCentre


14. New Yeezys are better than yours! No, this is not a cast.

Buying online fails
Photo Credit: Max Hoang Trinh, Max Hoang Trinh


15. I guess today I’m talking a walk with my left leg only.

Buying online fails
Photo Credit: teddytalent


16. Oops! The wrong card size. At least, ain’t nobody peeking at your cards anymore.

Buying online fails
Photo Credit: theresa.gilhooly


17. Ordered some earrings online. That’s what she got. Nice! Where can I find those?

Buying online fails
Photo Credit: irispompeii

Feel free to share your own experiences with ordering online. We’ll be reading!


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From: Boredpanda