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Fourth of July, which marks the birth of American independence, is celebrated with fireworks, concerts, parades,

Every culture and nation has their own wedding traditions. But no matter the tradition, all weddings

Do you need some major motivation to jumpstart your weight loss journey? Well, look no further

Whenever there's a birthday or a celebration of any kind - people will immediately think about

Do you know what day it is today? You Do-nut? Come on! I just gave you

'Colin The Caterpillar' cakes made their way into our lives in the 90s and stayed with

Creativity has no limits, neither cake ideas! The more you boost your imagination, the more your

During Middle Ages, a cake was considered round bread roasted from 2 sides. Oh, and they

Everyone loves a huge, delicious, chocolaty piece of cake- wait no, you are on a diet!