Camila Cabello Shares 22 Things She Learned In Her 22 Years Of Life

I don’t know about you but Camila Cabello is feeling 22 – and wise AF!

Twenty-two is really not that old, but it’s old enough to have learned a thing or two about life. Camila just celebrated her 22nd birthday on Sunday, and she took to Instagram yesterday to share 22 bits of wisdom she has learned in her life so far.

Her list begins with her family and includes things about love, and life, and books, music, and movies, and they’re really things you should try and take seriously.

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“Call your family,” she begins. “Every time I see my little sister, she looks different. She’s an inch taller, she uses words I didn’t know she knew, she listens to songs I didn’t expect her to. Little kids in the family show me how fast time is actually passing, you can see it in them physically.”

She goes on by advising people to ask their grandparents about life, because they’re “walking storybooks”, she says. “Life. Is. Hard,” the “Havana” singer continues, adding that, “None of it makes sense. The quicker you stop trying to make sense of it and just laugh at the absurdity of it, the happier you’ll be.”

She goes on to talk about how life is not “good or bad” and that you often have to make conscious decisions to force yourself to find an opportunity in a “sucky situation.”

Her fifth point is about falling in love and how amazing it feels, which is most likely referring to her boyfriend Matthew Hussey, who she’s been with since February 2018. “No feeling compares to falling in love. It is the most intoxicating, consuming feeling that exists,” she says, adding that if you have not fallen in love you, you should “fall in love with your life,” and, “find out what makes your heart race.”

She also talks about how life is too short to be with people you don’t like and the importance of reading and how to not give up and keep moving.

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Her other points are about finally making the hard decisions you’re putting off since it will make you less anxious, paying attention to little things, waking up earlier to enjoy the day, the importance of love songs and romance, and the importance of working hard for your passions, not just material things.

“Don’t live someone else’s life just because you’re afraid of hurting someone,” she says, and “don’t compare yourself to people on social media,” because “everyone is just putting on a show.”

If you’re sad, Camila advises watching Disney movies because they’ll remind you of the innocence and simplicity of childhood.

She concluded by saying that everyone has a “different version of their best life” and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily have to work for you, and you need to make peace with your version.

Happy birthday, Camila!


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