Keep Your Car In Shape With The Help Of These 13 Simple Car Hacks

Your car is basically your second home. Your home away from home, to take you to your other home away from home… Ahem. But jokes aside, a car is like a person’s shoes – you can often tell someone’s character by just looking at how much care they take of their car. And today we feel like lending a hand and helping you clean your vehicle. Thanks to ShareAbly, we’re bringing you these simple car cleaning hacks!

So you can take these kinds of pics of your car:


1. The Castile soap car wash hack

Why take it all the way to the car wash, when you can just use Castile soap? It’s made of plant oils and it’s really good at making cars both clean and shiny! Just mix some water with the soap, lather and rinse. I promise – it will shine!


Source: Top Shine Auto Detailing

2. Use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning upholstery

Some people like to eat in their cars and in time, get their upholstery all greasy and sticky. If you’re one of those people, this hack is for you. Just mix some baking soda and white vinegar together, until you get a paste. Then, just rub that paste over the stains and brush using a toothbrush. After it dries, just vacuum it up and there you go, clean as new!


Source: Carpet Ideas

3. Eliminating odors

This hack is simple too, and again involves baking soda. This time you mix it with essential oils and put it in a jar with holes on the top. That way the pleasant aroma can freely evaporate inside your car, removing the stink.


Source: Mom 4 Real

4. Need to have things squeaky clean? Use a toothbrush.

If it’s good for your teeth, which are basically enameled bone, it’s good for the steering wheel too and the plastic around your car. The toothbrush can get almost everywhere – so use it often. It’s your car’s best friend!


Source: Oh So Savy Mom

5. Make your wheels look new and shiny

Make a paste by mixing water and baking soda and just smear it all over those lovely, sexy tires. Your car will purr with satisfaction. Everyone else will stare at it and sigh. Perfect.


Source: Pinterest

6. Dust stuff off with the help of a foam paint brush

It’s compressible and gets almost everywhere. Those clogged air conditioner vents? Stuff that foam brush inside. Then out. Repeat. Until squeaky clean. You’ll love the breaths of fresh air after the cleaning session.


Source: Fluster Buster

7. Flawless windows. No streaks. YASSS.

Spray some vinegar on the windshield, grab a newspaper and rub, boy! Lass! Whichever you are, window streaks are annoying and this little ritual will take care of them for good.


Source: Keyword Suggests

8. All that stuck glue from all those stickers? Wipe it off!

Bumper stickers are guilty for a lot of sticky gunk on people’s cars. But a little bit of WD-40 on a sticker will make it peel off elegantly, without any remaining glue gunk.  Just leave it for a while and pull. Gently, gently…


Source: YouTube Screenshot

9. Olive oil massage is good for your car’s dashboard

It’s a natural way to freshen up and shiny-up your car’s already sexy interior! Take some olive oil, apply it on a clean cloth, and start wiping, rubbing and massaging the curves of that thick dashboard.


Source: YouTube Screenshot

10. You need to make that chrome SHINE

But how, I hear you ask? Yes, I am a telepath, thanks for asking. Well, this is how: mix some water and vinegar. Then spray this solution on those shiny chrome wheels. Finally, wipe the wetness with a soft rag. Make sure you wipe those wheels good, so the chrome can start feeling good about itself and really shine.


Source: Detailed Image

11. Ugh. That pesky pet hair? Squeegee it away!

There’s a hack for this too, and your car will thank you. Spray water on your seats, but not too much – just enough so they get a little moist. Then, grab a squeegee and drag it, thoughtfully, against the skin of your car’s upholstery. Remove the collected pet hair and repeat until satisfied.


Source: Careabearasara’s Randomness

12. No need to buy air fresheners. DIY.

Take a clothespin, and douse it with several drops of essential oils. Then attach the clothespin on your air vent and voila – you’ve made your own air freshener!


Source: Femina

13. Remove car wax.

It’s just like earwax, but this one is actual wax, or those crayons your kids forgot in the car and got melted… Don’t ask. It happens, and here’s what to do when it does: Place a piece of wax paper over the stains, then slide a hot iron over it. It should melt the wax but this time glue it to the wax paper, removing it from your car seats. It doesn’t always work, so good luck!


Source: Behind the Studio
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