Cardi B And Bruno Mars Just Released The Video For “Please Me”

Name me a better duo than Cardi B and Bruno Mars – I’ll wait…

Sorry I just had to say that! But it’s true; the pair have proved themselves to work very well together and have now released yet another song and it’s safe to say it will be pleasing to everyone.

Cardi and Bruno followed up last year’s collaboration for “Finesse” with “Please Me” which came out two weeks ago, and they’ve now just released the video for the latter this Friday, and it’s a steamy one…

YouTube / Cardi B

The music video is set in a Mexican diner “somewhere in Los Angeles”, giving homage to their shared Latinx heritage and it will give you all sorts of 90s vibes. As per the video, it is set sometime “after the party”.

It begins with Bruno and his friends sitting in a booth in a diner when in walks Cardi with her own group of friends. The two lock eyes, and, as one does, Bruno begins sexily serenading her. It’s worth noting this video lets Mars show his… let’s say, more “not PG13 style”.

Cardi, backed up by her friends/dancers, joins in and the group breaks out into dance (lollipops in hand) right in the red-and-white checkered tile floor of the restaurant… and the counters… and chairs… Luckily it’s empty otherwise the other patrons would have been in for quite a treat.

They take the performance out to the parking lot before they all get into their respective cars and drive-slash-dance their way out. Watch the video below:

YouTube / Cardi B

This isn’t the pair’s first collaboration together, as they have also released the similarly 90s-themed song “Finesse” together, which they performed at last year’s Grammys.

Cardi, who has just won her first Grammy for her album “Invasion of Privacy”, was also set to open for Mars on his 24K Magic Tour last fall but had to withdraw in order to focus on her newborn daughter.  She shared an Instagram post at the time to apologize to her fans and thank Mars for “being so supportive and understanding.”

Well, here’s to hopefully seeing more of the duo in the future!