The Curvalicious Cardi B Had A Blast Shooting Her New Music Video In Miami

No matter the recent developments in Cardi B’s personal life, she won’t slow down her professional growth. And why should she? Just recently, Cardi B was seen shooting a music video in the scorching hot sun in Miami. Wearing paint in every inch of her body, Cardi had a blast in the warm beaches of Miami. I mean, she had so much fun that it seemed more like a party than work.

For the music video, Cardi was seen twerking and shaking them curves in the best way possible. Cardi B enjoyed some twerking on a floating stripper pole and she has as all shook.

Photo: MEGA


She looks curvalicious, indeed.

Photo: MEGA

Covered in tiger body paint, Cardi showcased her features in the best way possible.

Photo: MEGA

Here is a group picture of the crew all together.

Photo: 305 Pics


Everyone seems to be living in the moment and enjoying the shooting, which is great because you get to work AND have fun while doing so.

cardi b new music video
Photo: 305 Pics


Actually, Cardi was supposed to be present in a hearing in New York City, but she decided to skip that and head to Miami. The NYC prosecutors were pissed off that she didn’t attend the hearing about her strip club beatdown case. But instead, the girls ‘threw a party’ in the warm beaches of Miami.

On other news, Cardi B and Offset have called off their marriage and even though they share a child together, Cardi B said ‘it might take time to get a divorce’ meaning that things just aren’t working for the two. And in all honesty, they should do what’s best for them. People on the internet have been going crazy but I think it’s best if we leave the couple alone until they resolve things through.

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Source: Tmz