Let This Be The First Time You See A Kitten With A Human Face

Valkyrie, an adorable two-month-old Maine Coon kitten is the latest internet sensation. You might ask yourself why this kitten is getting this much attention and becoming an Internet star. Same, that’s what I was wondering too at first, but after looking at the pictures of this cat, everything made sense.

Surprisingly enough, the two-month Maine Coon kitten has a very ‘human’ face. Yup, you read that correctly! Yup, I was shooketh too at first. The minute you point out how much this kitten has a resemblance to a human face, you cannot unsee it.

Everyone’s noticing that there’s just something… off about this cat.

She shot to fame after a video of her was posted to the @catsvillcounty Instagram account.

Tatiana Rastorgueva is the current owner of the adorable kitten. She started sharing her picture over Instagram and people couldn’t resist but to fell in love with her.

However, the fact that why it has a human-like face is still not clear. There can be multiple reasons like her dreamy eyes or body structure. Let’s not make you wait, have a look and scroll down!

If you’re in the market for some cursed images, you can find even more photos of Valkyrie you on her breeder’s website.

I don’t know if it just me but this feline looks like a Snapchat swap filter? I mean, this is how I look when I swap faces on Snapchat with my best friend (I hope my bestie doesn’t read this one…) let this be a secret between you and me, my dear reader!

The cat was for sale on a Russian cattery’s website but apparently has already been sold.

Valkyrie was recently adopted, and while I’m not sure if her new parents thought they were adopting a cat or a child, either way, she has a forever home!

Don’t be sad Valkyrie, you have a home now.

It wouldn’t be surprising if in this picture the feline would shout: ‘Please, human enough with the snaps already.’

She just wants to have a nap without having a camera shoved in her face.

I am sighing for this adorable kitten!

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