Meet Cathie Jung – The Woman With The World’s Smallest Waist

There are many people out there who are ready to pay huge money in order to achieve their dream body. How much are you willing to sacrifice your health for beauty? Many people are undergoing expensive and extreme surgeries in order to achieve what they want. But, as the one and only Beyonce sang: “Pretty Hurts.” There are some “normal” things like piercing or tattooing, and then there are some extreme cases of having ribs removed.
However, not many people do, what Cathie Jung did for her dream body. She holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s smallest waist,

Jung is an 81-year-old woman from North Carolina who spent around 40 years enduring the pain of corsets and training belts so that she could shrink her waist down to 15 inches in diameter. Or, as she says: “about the same size as a regular jar of mayonnaise”. Can you believe this? Scroll down and see the pictures to convince yourself, courtesy of VT.

She is a big enthusiast of Victorian clothes and that was her reason to start wearing corsets when she was 38 years old. Jung’s obsession then has only grown since then and as of 1983, she has been wearing corsets for 23 hours a day, only removing them when taking shower.

Her husband, Bob, has supported her along her journey, he used to go along with her to pick out a new garment. He is a physician, so he helps to ensure that she is never doing any serious damage to her body.

You may wonder if she has had any surgery or followed a particular diet to have that waist. But, the answer to both is no. Unbelievably, she didn’t have any surgery to help her get the tiny waist and she also didn’t stick to any particular diet during her journey. In fact, when asked how she went about her mission to shrink the waist, she said: “We had no intention of setting a record. It was about dressing appropriately for the age.”

This is how she perceives herself in and out of a corset. “At first, I was very self-conscious about my figure. But not anymore. When I take the corset off I seem to expand very quickly. When I look in the mirror, from the front, I don’t see much difference.”

However, there are some health risks when it comes to such an extreme body modification.

“It’s hard to get around and do a lot of normal things … like driving a car. I can’t see well or react well. Or you can only sit comfortably in certain chairs,” she added. “And then there’s the social problem. Not everyone understands what we’re doing and thinks a small waist is beautiful. And it takes a lot of time. You know, dressing and undressing and taking care of my body. I have skin problems.”


When asked  whether she would consider taking breaks from her exhausting routine, Jung said: “Not really. First of all, I don’t have any clothes to wear without a corset.”

“Also I find I’m more comfortable with some support when I’m active or working. The only time I make an exception is when we’re out boating or fishing, when it’s very hot. Then the corset is very irritating so I take it off for an hour or two. But I always put it back on at the end of the outing, even if I don’t want to.”

Source: vt

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