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This Cat And Dog Friendship Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Welcome back, soldier! Stay with us for a while as we brief you on the latest developments from the front of The Great Pet War. For those who don’t know, cats and dogs have been engaged in a secret conflict that lasts for millennia, and the animals are trying to outdo each other every day. And this day – we have news from Macedonia. IMPORTANT NEWS.

As the Great Pet War continues to rage, behind the scenes there is something fishy going on. At first, it was just a whiff… A suspicious aroma of something ‘just not right.’ You know, like when n Star Wars Yoda senses a disturbance in the Force? That kind of thing. But regarding cats and dogs. And finally, I have confirmation – both cat spies and dog investigators have confirmed this story as factual.

Namely, some cats and dogs are making peace and becoming collaborators! And with the help of humans! They no longer fight for humans, but seem comfortable with… Sharing them? And where is the proof you ask?

Well, just ask Anastas Belev – a twenty-five-year-old civil engineer hailing from Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia. Being human and fond of animals, he eventually ended up in cahoots with both dogs and cats. But a funny thing happened – the animals lived together in peace, instead of fighting with each other.

They even pose for photos together.

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If you can recall my previous coverage of the Great Pet War, you’ll realize that these cats, and dogs, respectively – who are in cahoots with the other side, are considered traitors to their kind!

But, Anastas says, there was never a problem. His dog is called Ronnie, and he’s a seven-year-old Stratfordshire terrier. But Ronnie wasn’t the first pet to call Anastas’ house his home. The lady cat is Ronnie’s senior, and she’s eight years old.

Before Anastas found her, she was a scared, abandoned street kitten roaming the streets of Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. The tiny, landlocked, Southeast European country is overflowing with street animals, so the kitten had to shelter herself under cars in the streets. Anastas, being the kind human that he is, took pity and adopted her.

A year later Ronnie came. And four years later – the lady cat had her first babies. See the pic above? That’s Ronnie, Lady Cat, and her all-white baby boys.

Anastas says dogs are the best way to connect with nature.

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Now, you might think that the cats would mind that, but no. When Anastas and his brother decided to adopt Ronnie, the little puppy considered the presence of the cat as something normal to his new home. So, he grew up as a friend to his cat siblings. Although, Anastas says, Ronnie would occasionally want to chase a street cat. After all, street cats are not family!

The cats don’t actually have separate names though. Anastas came up with a sort of collective name for the three snow-white felines. He just calls them “Mac” (or “Matz”, which is Macedonian for “Here kitty kitty”), and so far it’s worked perfectly. After all, they tend to meow in a chorus, and would rush to him together whenever they want food (which, Anastas says, is all the time).

What can I say? We are the cats, resistance is futile!

Anyways, Anastas doesn’t regret anything. At first, he and his brother felt apprehensive about keeping pets, because they weren’t sure what taking good care of them would entail. After all, there’s work, plus all sorts of human obligations, and animals need to spend quality time with their beloved humans. But after they adopted Ronnie, he and his bro made a promise that they will take care of Ronnie 24/7. And they are pretty good at it – the pooch gets 3 walks every day, and their cats are well fed and happy.

Wait until the other cats and dogs hear of this, though…

Scroll below for more happy pics of Anastas, Ronnie, and the Matz cats. If you want to see more of these guys, feel free to follow them at their joint Instagram account @belcho_strelcho.

Anastas, Ronnie and one of the Matz engaged in their daily shenanigans.

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The Matz come in handy when you need some spontaneous exercise.

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“See this human? HE IS MINE.” (Translated from Cat)

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Ronnie giving everyone the side-eye.

“Is it edible, Ronnie?” “Dunno, Matz, lemme sniff it…”

While some humans are afraid of Ronnie, this Matz knows he’s a total sweetheart.

The pets want in!

More shenanigans!

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Breakfast time! Open up Anastas!

“Alright, alright, fine. Just stop barkmeowing!”

Ronnie isn’t impressed.

Strike a pose.

These cats and dogs are very much in love!

When a Matz was tiny.

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Just a family photo.

Ronnie is having a hard time waking up…

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Maybe that’s because he takes so much care of all the Matz!


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And the Matz return the favor when he wants something!

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Well, I think that’s enough barkmeowing for one day! I bet these cats and dogs are onto something important. Maybe they will set off some sort of chain reaction which will end with a peace process!

Until then, stay tuned for more news from the front of the Great Pet War!

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