12+ Pictures Of Cats Proving They Are Actually Liquid

Cats are mysterious creatures. One minute they’re all loving and tender… Next thing you know, they’re giving you death stares doubled with a few hand scratches. You know what they say, Don’t bite the hand that scratches you… Okay, fine the saying doesn’t go exactly like that, but you get the point, right? Right. Back to cats now. Most cats look as if they’re plotting something, even against their owner. They give us judgy looks, they want to be treated like the queens they are. Somehow, I have managed to accept this as it is, but what I can never ever understand is how elastic they are. They fit into almost anything they set their minds to. It seems that they’re not made of solid but they’re rather some liquidy substance that can be ‘poured’ into anything.

Don’t believe me? Just watch!


1. This bowl is 3/4 full.

Source: u/hermanxyz / reddit.com


2. And finally, this cat melted.

Source: u/lamados / reddit.com


3. This cup is overflowing with cat.

Source: u/Wiebejamin / reddit.com


4. Meanwhile, these two are separate and freshly poured.

Source: u/nitroww / reddit.com


5. I’m sorry if you planned on using this container. It is full.

Source: @cakes1todough1 / Instagram: @cakes1todough1


6. These two are sloshing around together.

Source: u/Epiconnor / reddit.com


7. And the volume of this cylinder equals approximately TWO cats.

Source: u/elvira53 / reddit.com


8. And this sink is BRIMMING.

Source: u/WHY_DO_I_SHOUT / reddit.com


9. The volume of this cylinder equals approximately one cat.

Source: u/maryland26 / reddit.com


10. Cardboard isn’t typically the best material for containing liquid, but so far this box is holding together.

Source: u/delightfullysquishy / reddit.com


11. And this cat is flowing.

Source: u/frody1111 / reddit.com


12. This one? Not so much.

Source: u/king-sunshine / reddit.com


13. This cat is oozing.

Source: u/tablecup / reddit.com


14. Plastic, on the other hand, is perfect for liquids.

Source: u/Mainiax3 / reddit.com


15. Call 911, we have a severe case of cat spilling.

Source: u/Smithsonian30 / reddit.com


16. This stump has absolutely no drainage at all and every nook and cranny is flooded.

Source: u/SeattleMana / reddit.com


17. This cat is trickling.

Source: u/PsychopathPanda / reddit.com


18. And this bowl is full.

cats liquid

Source: u/RalphiesBoogers / reddit.com


Do you have any unusual pictures of your cats?


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