What Causes Dark Spots On Face?

Smooth and soft face skin is something that we are all keen on. Leave aside a glowy one and the various products that we can use to make our face shinier. Or the masks and the exfoliating scrubs that can make our face skin simply stand out.  Sometimes, no matter how much we try, we still don’t have that clear skin we would want to. We wake up in the morning and suddenly notice a pimple or some new dark spots we never had before. First of all, we should be aware that those uneven dark patches or dark spots are common and can happen to anyone at some point in their lives. They are also known as hyperpigmentation. Melanin – the pigment that determines skin color in our body increases from various triggers, causing those darker patches on our face to appear.

According to Women’s Health magazine, due to the influence of hormones, hyperpigmentation is more common in women than men. Also since dark-skinned people have naturally more melanin, they are more prone to get these dark spots. However they can be developed on anyone and they usually sprout up on the forehead, upper lip, chin, nose, cheeks but also on the body. Anyways, today we’ll be focusing on face dark spots causes.

Although there are times when we feel insecure about our facial skin and try to apply more foundation in order to hide away these dark spots, probably the best we can do is first to search about the causes of dark spots on our face, identify what is causing them and later treat them. To read more about the culprits that cause the dark spots in on our face to appear scroll down below.

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Hormonal Changes

Fluctuation in the production of hormones like estrogen and progesterone during birth control pills, pregnancy or menopause can boost production of melanin and therefore cause dark spots on your face. In cases when you are experiencing discoloration from birth control pills you can try and switch the method of birth control. Whereas although hyperpigmentation caused during pregnancy can sometimes disappear after birth, it doesn’t always happen like that. Sometimes all that you can do is treat them naturally or with special creams.

Facial Hair Removal

Using different depilatory creams, tweezing or waxing can remove stray hair out of your face but they also can cause inflammation on your skin which later leads to discoloration of skin in those parts. Avoid using products that are harsh on chemicals and cause inflammation on your face, because that is where hyperpigmentation will occur.



When skin heals after an injury or trauma it can leave behind some kind of discoloration that is known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Also, severe acne can result in marks that lead to dark scars on your skin. In addition, any kind of surgery done in the area of your face can also lead to discoloration or dark spots forming.


Sun Exposure

Melanin protects the skin against harmful UV rays but overexposure of the face to the sun can cause an increase of melanin which later might lead to dark spots. Spending to much time in the sun or tanning beds without the use of sunscreen products can not only lead to visible discoloration in the skin but also darkening of existing dark spots like freckles and others.


As people get older, there are various changes that occur in their bodies. Dark spots or also sometimes known as age spots start appearing in people over 40. They usually show up because older people have accumulated more sun exposure during the years or simply because they produce more melanin as they get older. However, the face is not the only place where dark spots appear in elders, arms and hands are also quite common.

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Other Reasons

Another reason that might cause dark spots according to POND’S is pollutants in the air. Although melanin is a natural defense of our skin, when the environment becomes too hostile, it might lead your cells to produce excess melanin and antioxidants which they lead to dark spots forming.

Another culprit no matter how unlikely might seem is perfume. This because some of the perfumes contain bergamot oil that makes your skin sensitive to sun rays leading dark spots to appear on your skin. If you have a perfume like that, apply it only to areas of skin where the skin is not exposed to sunlight.

The last thing which we are listing and that can trigger dark spot in your face is scratching mosquito bites or pimples. This can irritate your skin and also increase the melanin production which later will cause scars and marks. Although these blemishes usually fade away after a short time, learning to avoid the urge of scratching them is the best way to decrease the risk of these skin irritations to turn into dark spots.