Celebrities Doing Amazing Things For Their Fans

They may seem literal angels on interviews and in front of cameras, but in fact, many celebs are quite the divas IRL, and hide their sassy attitude behind the adorable smiles. However, there are also celebrities that are so kindhearted and would do literally anything for their fans. Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give, and especially celebrities. I mean, why not take the time and make happy someone who helped make you famous.

Today we’re sharing a few stories of when celebrities went the extra mile for their fans, and have made their day! Life, even. Scroll down, and try not to cry.


1. Ellen DeGeneres

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Ellen is known for being very generous. So it’s no wonder that when a woman working at a children’s hospital wrote to her telling Ellen her family barely made ends meet with her salary, Ellen, considerate as ever, flew them all to LA, as well as gave the woman a check for $10,000. The world needs more Ellens! Let us call her Ellen DeGenerous instead.


2. Robert Downey Jr.

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A superhero indeed! Robert Downey Jr. together with Albert Manero, a Collective Project student who launched Limbitless, came up with the ultimate surprise for a child, gifting him a new bionic 3D printed arm FOR FREE!


3. Chris Evans and Chris Pratt

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Chris Pratt and Chris Evans made a Superbowl bet, and the loser would visit a children’s hospital — in costume. Evans won the bet, and Pratt visited the Christopher’s Haven in Boston. However, Evans also decided to show up to Seattle Children’s Hospital, because everyone needs a little bit of Captain America in their lives.


4. Katy Perry

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The singer surprised Tony Marrero, a survivor of the Orlando club shooting in 2016, after he admitted on Ellen show that Katy Perry’s Rise was a great help for him while bedridden at the hospital recovering from the injuries. While Marrero was speaking to Ellen, Perry was on the backstage and came out to give him a big hug, as well as offer to pay his first year’s tuition at the film school, helping him achieve his dreams.


5. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Source: © eonline.com

The WWE-wrestler-turned-actor invited a terminally ill kid, Tater, 7, in the set of Baywatch after the latter sent him a handwritten letter explaining how much he wanted to meet him. Tater’s wish came true!


6. Bruno Mars

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Zumyah Thorpe, 11, was involved in a car crash, and while recovering from her injuries, she found solace in Bruno Mars’ songs. During one of his shows, the singer found out that Thorpe was in the audience, and stopped everything to sing Just The Way You Are especially for her.


7. Ed Sheeran

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Source: © thetimes.co.uk

Triona Priestley had suffered from cystic fibrosis since childhood. She was a big fan of Sheeran, and people on Twitter started a campaign with the hashtag #SongForTri to reach out to the singer’s management. As Triona took her last breaths surrounded by her family, Sheeran sang Little Bird down the phone to her.


8. J.J. Abrams

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Source: © hiburan.dreamers.id

The Star Wars director, as well as Lucasfilm President, Kathleen Kennedy, decided to give pizza to hundreds of fans waiting in line for an annual Star Wars Celebration event.


9. Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth

celebrities and fans
Source: © hellomagazine.com

After Chris Pratt and Chris Evans’ bet, Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth decided to follow suit and visit Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. They too went with their costumes, and Thor even took the hammer with him.


10. Amy Schumer

celebrities and fans
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The actress went for dinner and tipped a fan of hers with $500. While serving, the fan told Schumer about college life, and about working to pay for school. Even though she only spent $49 on dinner, the tip she left was 1,000%.

Stories like these restore your faith in humanity.


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