11 Celebrities Who ‘Wore The Pants’ At The Golden Globes

It wasn’t all black dresses and fancy suffragette-colored jewelry at the Golden Globe Awards on January 7. While many celebrities embraced the Time’s Up movement, showing solidarity with the victims of sexual harassment by wearing black dresses, some were unique enough to stand united in their black pants outfits. Yup, many women “wore the pants” to the event and they looked more than daring. We saw ladies wearing suits, tuxes, and more bold outfits that will certainly be remembered for years as remarkable.

The red carpet was filled with black outfits this year and some women put on their best pants to light up their walk.

According to these stars, their bold legged looks were not only about style. The message they sent out was more important.

1. Aliso Brie


Glow star Alison Brie, sported a satiny pants-dress hybrid. She explained that “Tonight is about women wearing the pants so I chose to literally wear the pants.”

2. Christina Hendricks


Similar to her Mad Men co-star, Christina Hendricks also wore a suit and a gown with a skirted pant. That must be comfy!

3. Debra Messing


Debra Messing wore a glittering, long top that revealed her black pants. The Will and Grace star looked amazing!

4. Lena Waithe


The 33-year-old actress walked the red carpet wearing an elegant tux.

5. Alexis Bledel


The Handmaid’s Tale star, Alexis Bledel, decided to wear a pop of white in her jumpsuit.

6. Laurie Metcalf


Former Rosanne star Laurie Metcalf wore a strapless jumpsuit and a coat. Amazing combination!

7. Susan Sarandon


Susan Sarandon, who walked on the red carpet with journalist and activist Rosa Clemente, wore a black suit, a crisp white shirt, and classic pumps.

8. Maggie Gyllenhaal


She wore a strapless, sequinned top and a sheer, glittering skirt, looking as amazing as ever.

9. Claire Foy


The Crown star decided to wear a pantsuit with a plunging neckline. Looking royal!

10. Rita Moreno


Moreno went edgy and elegant with her studded leather on the red carpet.

11. Kyra Sedgwick


Seen with her husband Kevin Bacon, she rocked a timeless tux without a shirt.

Here are some more Hollywood stars and their outfits at the Golden Globes.

Source: today

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