12 Celebrities Who Got Tattoos To Honor Their Beloved Pets

Once you get a pet, they become family. Part of your everyday routines, and a loyal companion. They will listen, be excited to see you, want to spend time with you, and love you unconditionally. Pets are really one of a kind.

It’s the same for celebrities. We have seen each of the celebs who have pets, we have noticed how they showcase the love and affection they have for their furry friends. We have become familiar with most of their pets. And we’re not complaining.

However, there are celebs who decided to get their pets’ names or likeness inked in their body. Scroll to see who displayed their strong bond and affection towards their pets through tattoos.

1. P!nk

Pink told The Independent back in 2012: “This was Elvis, a bulldog. Next to him is a Bible verse: ‘A time to weep, a time to laugh, a time to mourn, a time to dance, sleep in peace my darling, I release you’ – he drowned in my pool. I wasn’t there. He was being babysat.”

celebrities pets tattoos
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2. Cheyenne Jackson

His dog Zora died from cancer in the year 2011. The tattoo symbolized his beloved pet as well as the place the dog passed away in his arms. However, taking into consideration that the tattoo doesn’t appear in his recent pictures, seems like the actor has gotten in removed.

celebrities pets tattoos
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3. Howard Stern

Howard Stern tattooed the name of his 10-year-old bulldog, Bianca, who he lost in 2012.


4. Miley Cyrus

These are the portraits of Miley’s dog Emu, and her late pufferfish, Pablow. She also has tattoos about pooch Mary Jane and the late Floyd.


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5. Pete Davidson

The Saturday Night Live cast member got a tattoo of his and Ariana’s pet pig named Piggy Smalls. Too cute!


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6. Lena Dunham

Lena lost her cat Gia Marie back in June, and to honor her she got her body inked with this tattoo.


7. Michael Vartan

The actor has two dogs, a chocolate lab and a shepherd-greyhound mix, and their names tattooed on his wrist.


8. Kirstin Maldonado

The tattoo is of her husky, Olaf.


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9. Zoey Deutch

The actress has her dog, Maybelle, tattooed and she revealed this on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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10. Jennifer Aniston

She has tattooed the name of her late dog, Norman after he passed away at 15. She said ‘Norman’ is her favorite word in an interview on Inside the Actor’s Studio.

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11. Amber Rose

She inked her two pugs, Pauly, and Franky in 2013. She later added the crossbones as well.


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12. Ruby Rose

Among the other tattoos, she also has a portrait of her dog, Daisy.

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