10 Celebrities Who Preferred Living A Simple Life

Often times we forget that even though celebrities attend fancy parties, wear the most expensive clothes, buy everything they want, they are just like us. Ordinary people. Posting their lavish lives or anything that they buy is not for all famous people. Even if they can have everything they want, they prefer the simple life. After all, it’s the little things that sometimes make you the happiest.

Here’s a list of celebrities that choose simple life over the one they can have.

1. Jennifer Garner

Jennifer often takes her children and goes to mass-market stores and purchases products where she can have a normal, simple life. She has always lived a simple life and has not shown her huge amount of money in her bank account.

celebrities preferred simple life

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2. Keanu Reeves

You may have seen Keanu’s pictures all over the internet as people see him in the most simple clothes, traveling to New York subway, giving gifts to people. The actor also spends money off of his paychecks on different charities.

celebrities preferred simple life
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3. Mark Zuckerberg

I would say 99% of the times I have seen Mark on any event it was him wearing simple T-shirts. He even claimed that clothes are not something he wants to spend time thinking about. The founder of Facebook doesn’t care about his appearance, as long as he feels comfortable. Even though with all the money he has, he can buy anything from those designer clothes.

celebrities preferred simple life
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4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold shared a picture cutting his son’s hair. Captioning it: Some things never change.


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5. Ingvar Kamprad

The founder of IKEA buys inexpensive commodities and clothes and has used an old Volvo for 15 years. He even flies in economy class and his house is decorated with products from his own stores. Ingvar is considered one of the most simple, humble billionaires in the world.

celebrities preferred simple life

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6. Hayden Christensen

By the time he was 35, Hayden was tired of living the celebrity life. He moved his family to his motherland in Canada and even purchased a farm. Hayden is the owner of his own vegetable gardens, a henhouse, and stables. Talk about living a simple life.

celebrities preferred simple life

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7. Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is the former mayor of London and now Minister for Foreign Affairs of Great Britain. He prefers to take a bicycle instead of a motorcade to go to work. He thinks it is a great replacement for the car and even urges other people to follow his lead.

celebrities preferred simple life

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8. Russell Crowe

This actor did not want to live in a big mansion in Los Angeles. Instead, he moved with his family to Australia. Crowe purchased a ranch and a simple jeep. Rather than buying expensive cars and brand clothes, he is now living around horses and large fields.

celebrities preferred simple life

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9. Steve Jobs

The founder of Apple always leaned towards simplicity in everything. He wore one outfit: jeans, black turtleneck, and white sneakers. He lived in a house at 2101 Waverley Street and that cannot be called a mansion. He had the income that could have bought him anything yet he chose to live a simple life.

celebrities preferred simple life

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10. Tyra Banks

The “America’s Next Top Model” hostess and famous model Tyra Banks doesn’t go to fancy restaurants. She prefers places such as The Cheesecake Factory, where one can get delicious and low-priced food. She finds it that they are quite fitting for her.

celebrities preferred simple life

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What do you think about these celebrities’ choice of living?

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