6 Celebrities Before And After Embracing Their Signature Looks

We’ve seen celebrities who have gotten a big reputation for their ever-changing looks. Take, for example, Rachel McAdams who has showcased blonde, brunette, and red hair, while always looking gorgeous. Or Rihanna, we’ve seen the queen rock endless haircuts, colors, and fashion choices. However, while some celebrities like to shake things up, there are others who have a signature style that somehow has become a part of them. Scroll down to see some pictures of celebrities before and after they nailed the signature looks they’re famous for.


Zach Galifianakis: Before

I literally cannot believe that this is Zach Galifianakis. Apparently, this is him some while ago, without facial hair. I know, I’m just as confused as you are!

Source: Screencrush


Zach Galifianakis: Now

And this is the Zach we all know and love. Although he lost weight, we’ll hope that he will never lose his signature style of rocking a full beard.

Source: Her


Ariana Grande: Before

Before Ariana was a famous pop star, she was Cat Valentine on both Victorious and Sam & Cat. Both of them required she had bright red hair. She did not use a wig, therefore, she dyed her real hair. Her hairstyle required her to have straightened hair most of the time, so below there is a rare photo of the Cat with curls.

Source: Business Insider – Nickelodeon


Ariana Grande: Now

Signature: High ponytail

And this is Ari now, rocking her signature high ponytail. Although she wears her hair down sometimes, we’re all used to seeing the singer rocking her signature high ponytail.

Source: Instagram | @arianagrande


Kylie Jenner: Before

Growing up with cameras following you around, it’s very easy to notice every small detail that changes. Wearing pink lipgloss back then, Kylie now has the perfect pout that has become synonymous with both her and her brand.

Source: Lazy Girls


Kylie Jenner: Now

Yes, the perfect pout. And having that, she has since capitalized on her love for makeup, creating an amazing line of cosmetics. It is rare to see the KUWTK star without one of her own luxe lip colors on. Anyhow, she always looks so gorgeous.

Source: Instagram | @kyliejenner


Ruby Rose: Before

Wait, what? Seeing Ruby Rose with long blond hair is the equivalent of those situations you know took place, but you kinda tend to black out because it is a very foreign idea to you. I mean, she looks great, but I don’t think any of us will get used to seeing her like this.

Source: haarminnaar


Ruby Rose: Now

Now, her signature chopped off hair have become the emblem of the modern androgynous rockstar style of our generation. Being an amazing actress, model, DJ, Ruby has also become kinda a gender-neutral icon.

Source: Instagram | @rubyrose


Kristen Stewart: Before

I always think that the Twilight-era Kristen Stewart and Kristen Stewart now are two different people. I mean, she looks great with long hair and all, but I just love her edgy short hair style.

celebrities signature looks

Source: Comic Vine


Kristen Stewart: Now

See? Her signature short hair and androgynous wardrobe turned her from the innocent Twilight girl into a super cool, street-style queen who can rock anything and make it look amazing.

celebrities signature looks

Source: Twitter | @hiiamdaniel


Zooey Deschanel: Before

I cannot see this. Really. She even looks more like Katy Perry with blond hair. Needless to say, seeing Zooey with blond hair is a foreign concept to many of us.

celebrities signature looks

Source: IGN


Zooey Deschanel: Now

Now this feels right, right? This is the Zooey we’ve all gotten to know and love, especially on the set of the show called New Girl.

celebrities signature looks

Source: Role Robot

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