Celeste Barber Strikes Again! 12 Hilariously Recreated Celebrity Pictures

Are you a celebrity stalker? Many of us are up to a point, but that’s where the unrealistic body image comes from, actually. We get to see this perfection on the social media and feel sad that we can’t achieve it. But is that even real? Probably not. It’s all about the perfect angle, outfit, and their editing skills. There is one person, though, who has a hilarious reaction to these perfect shots by celebrities. In case you haven’t already heard of her, Australian comedian Celeste Barber is the ultimate prank artist. She loves to recreate celebrities’ pictures in a hilarious way. Wait until you see it, because you might get a stomachache.

The Australian comedian has a big Instagram following, and she loves to point out the large divide between the images we see of celebrities and real life. Thanks for pointing that out, Celeste! It was kind of obvious, but no one wanted to admit it! By recreating the photos herself, she shows us something altogether more relatable. Watch her do magic with these celebrities’ pictures below, courtesy of VT.

1. Rihanna


2. Cara Delevigne

3. Kendall Jenner

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4. Bella Hadid


5. Gwyneth Paltrow


6. Beyoncé


7. Ruby Rose


8. Rosie Huntington-Whitely

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9. Nicki Minaj


10. Emily Ratajkowski


11. Miley Cyrus


12. Kate Hudson

Here is a hilarious duo who recreates the Kardashians’ family snaps.

Source: vt