And, The New Champion Of ‘Dancing With The Stars 2018’ Is… Bobby Bones!

“I’m not here because of my scores. I’m here because of my people,” is what the country radio host, Bobby Bones said after being named as the champion of ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

The chosen winner of this season, left everyone shook, even Bobby Bones himself. He admitted himself that even after being a part of the season 27 of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and the title of winner, he still doesn’t consider himself a great dancer.

The news for the winner came as a surprise for many when looking back at his ranking at the start of the season. He left behind the Disney star Milo Manheim, the front-runner, model Alexis Ren, and actress Evanna Lynch.

Here are the facial expressions of every finalist when Bobby Bones was announced the winner of Dancing With The Stars.

Bobby Bones’ victory incited a stir online, with many messages from country music stars and his fans.

Bobby doesn’t have prior dance experience and didn’t score higher than an 8 from any judge until the finale. For his concluding performance, the judge decided to give him a perfect 10. His partner, Sharna Burgess, choreographed a freestyle dance to “The Greatest Show” from “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack. Her excuse of this choice was because to her, Bones was the greatest showman. “To me, you are the greatest showman,” she said to Bones.

“Well, thanks, I think,” Bones replied. And, according to Burges, “No one is better at entertaining than you, and that has been such a joy for me to watch the entire season.”

Bobby Bones Dancing With The Stars
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“I am goofy, I have my elbows and knees not going the right directions, she made them go the right directions, most of the time..and when they didn’t, they were supposed to,” is what Bobby says about Sharna and the dancing experience with her.

Apparently, Bobby Bones had to disable the comments on social media due to his people fighting with all those critics who were upset with the new champion. According to Bobby, everyone has the right to have their opinions, but he wants to keep the good people around him, so that’s what he is doing.

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Source: Washingtonpost