12+ Charming Babies That Might Have A Successful Career In Show Business

Being adorable is not the only thing that babies know how to do best. They also have other impressive sets of qualities and skills.  Although they are incapable of helping themselves, some babies surprisingly know how to steal the show at certain moments. If you have a baby, you already know this to be true.

No doubt, the unanticipated behavior of babies fascinates not only parents but also scientist sometimes. They just seem to have plenty of surprises in store for us. Scroll down the list below that was compiled by BoredPanda and you’ll probably agree that some of the babies on the list might just have a successful career in show business when they grow up. Or maybe now.


1. This guy definitely has a boss’s face

Photo Credit: SayAvaaa


2. The baby who tells it all with her eyebrows

Photo Credit: Maria Skandalakis


3. ‘My nephew, Arthur. Baby male model. So hot right now’

Photo Credit: Tycho234


4. Who’s going to give me the first kiss?

Photo Credit: dilansblog


5. Look at his hair. Yes, totally looks like Anchorman

Photo Credit: Double_Cross_Gender


6. ‘My 8-week-old son always stares at my boobs after I get out of the shower. This was his expression this morning’

Photo Credit: bsfam


7. Just one week old and It feels good so far

Photo Credit: theorangereptile


8. ‘A girl at the beach thought that my son was cute. I think he knows what he’s doing’

Photo Credit: BrokenMasterpiece


9. Only 2 weeks old but he’s already mastered Blue Steel

Photo Credit: popdisaster00


10. Something about photobombing?

Photo Credit: WatermelonPOWAH


11. Two-month-old baby looking like he’s going to steal your girl

Photo Credit: ThoughtsAtRandom

12. A seven-month lady bug posing like a boss

Photo Credit: Earl_Gray

13. When you see a picture of you as a three-year-old. Once a boss, always a boss

Photo Credit: optic4ce


14. ‘A natural born lady killer’

Charming Babies In Show Business
Photo Credit: nothannahmontana



15. Just one old week and she has mastered it

Charming Babies In Show Business
Photo Credit: CoolGuy9000

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