This Cheerleader Defied Gravity And Accidentally Started A Whole New Trend

You know what? Everyone is a cheerleader on the internet. Just think about it… It’s all one big cheerleader-ception, because today we’re cheering a real cheerleader.

And her original, amazing stunt that went viral. Why? Well, because how is it possible that no one thought of this before? Like… This is one of the silliest, best stunts ever. And it is quickly becoming a trend – people are already trying to replicate it to hilarious results, and have given it the name of “The Invisible Box Challenge.”

And it all began with a cheerleader from Texas, who, trying to impress her friends appears to be defying gravity. Her name is Ariel Olivar and she became an instant internet sensation for her stunt during the student football game. Many are even still calling it fake – because that’s how good she pulled it off!

Check her out:

But believe it or not, the internet was ON IT immediately, trying to repeat the stunt or make their own humorous versions of it:

Some tried to repeat it, thereby proving that it was real:

And not too late after the original, people started coming up with THEIR OWN versions of the Invisible Box Challenge:

… Sometimes using “not so invisible” boxes:

Ariel, herself, didn’t expect this kind of attention. But it got worse, or, maybe I should say better? She was genuinely surprised when big-shot news companies started contacting her about the trick. Yeah, even CNN!

The cool cheerleader was even invited on the TODAY Show, as part of the “What’s Trending” segment, where she explained how to do the trick.

“I thought it was just going to be around my school, I didn’t think it would get this far,” Ariel explained. “It’s just mind-blowing.”

Well, what about you? Can you pull off the Invisible Box Challenge?

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