12+ Children Who Have Absolutely No Idea How Funny They’re Being

Do you remember any silly word or phrase you said when you were a kid and your mother or somebody else in your family reminds you of that almost everytime you guys get together? I know, right, and still, after all this time, giggles and laughter invade us every time we recall it. That’s the best part of having kids around, they will make you laugh until your stomach hurts and they will be almost unaware of it. Probably that’s why I stick to the corner’s children whenever I visit somebody who has kids (apologies to grown-ups, but yes sometimes I come for your kids.)

Follow me below and make yourself laugh today:

1. This kid is letting this man know at MC’Doonalds that his pants are about to fall

Source: imblackgrapes


2. Guess what this kid wanted to look like for Halloween? Like a Fart.

Source: toddminus


3. ‘My daughter’s Christmas list’

Source: mmmel


4. Here’s a what a child’s birthday card looks like

Source: sayblacktrees


5. Here’s what one of the kids wrote for Earth day

Source: starrynitess


6. Here’s how a 6-year-old imagines fat Batman on the beach

Source: knittymcknitpants


7. While in preschool – children on what do they want to do when they grow up

Source: AstroCat16


8. A toddler saying ‘heck this’

Source: RamonaQ


9. Babysitting

‘When I babysit my niece she makes me play operation. Her favorite part is when she dies and we have a funeral for her’

Source: yoilovetrees


10. When the duty of feeding the cat is left to a toddler

Source: Josh_Lyman


11. When you let your child pick their own clothes

Source: MatthewSmith58


12. I remember to have heard of this story, always woke up disappointed

Source: RogueDadMD


13. The golden rule while living in a Barbie house: take off your shoes before you enter

Source: ivaayz


14. When your mom captures you doing your favorite thing as a kid


Source: gronkaflomarous


15. Some children already have the photo of their life while being only 5 months


Source: kimay124


Did you like them? If you have funny pictures of your children, post them in the comments’ section, we’ll be more than happy to see them.


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