These 12+ Stylish Children’s Room Designs Will Make You Want One For Yourself

There are so many creative ideas out there to design your children’s rooms, it would take years to decide which one to pick. For more, when designing your kid’s room, you should have in mind to organize the space in such a way to fit all of their toys, the playing area, the bed, the study spot, and whatnot. On the other hand, you should also pour some creativity in it, so it will look good, feel warm, be functional, and most importantly, your children will love it.

So, if you are searching for a specific design to be inspired for your kid’s room, or you are an adult who has always wanted such a cool space just for yourself, here you have the chance to see some of the coolest children rooms of all time. They are colorful, creative, organized, and uber-stylish, you would want to spend every second of your day there.

Enjoy the journey!


1. If you have four kids, this may be the right solution for you. A combination of beauty and functionality. I’d pick the bed near the window. Thank you!

children's room designs
Photo Credit: © Mikesr20 / imgur


2. This will probably be the next design for my children’s room. They can fit the whole universe in it.

children's room designsPhoto Credit: © projectnursery


3. This room is very spacious! So, if your kid needs some space, here you have it! Tadaa!

children's room designs
Photo Credit: © hemlinginteriors


4. Enough space for homework and games.

Photo Credit: © vtwonen


5. Get your kids to dive into the sea world of their room. The bed is a shattered boat and the walls are made of water. Creative indeed!

Photo Credit: © boredombase


6. Creative, cool, and functional! All these three combined in one room. All your kids need.

Photo Credit: © anotherstudio


7. Your kids won’t see their room as ‘a mere isolate place with 4 walls.’ They will feel like they’re out there, connecting with nature.

Photo Credit: © lovekidszone


8. Look! Aliens have invaded your kid’s room!

Photo Credit: © anniewise


9. The perfect room to fit twins. Extra points for the color!

Photo Credit: © semsadesign3d


10. If you don’t feel like living outside earth with the planets, a house in the jungle may be just the perfect room for you.

Photo Credit: © boxycolonial


11. A small but such a cute addition to brighten up your room.

Photo Credit: © kexundkruemel


12. For all the Harry Potter fans out there (including me!). Sprinkle some magic into your kid’s room and turn on the light when he needs.

Photo Credit: © dreamanddiffer


13. Make your children’s childhood hilarious with a fortress bed and a Calvin and Hobbes-inspired drawing on the wall.

children's room designs
Photo Credit: © pellary / reddit


14. This unique house-shaped bed will probably be one of the best ideas for your kid.

children's room designs
Photo Credit: © abeautifulmess


15. A very spacious and tidy room! The bed is in the air and the pillow is very inspirational. Perfect for teenagers!

children's room designs
Photo Credit: © jasonumd / imgur


16. This room speaks: ‘Save space and be creative!’

children's room designs
Photo Credit: © bythebrooke


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