Craving Chocolate Or Pizza? Your Body Might Be Trying To Tell You Something Important

How many times have you promised yourself that your diet starts on Monday? And yet you find yourself with a chocolate bar in your hands on your first lunch break. But, to be fair, it looks like it’s not solely your fault; actually, it turns out that there is actually a legitimate dietary cause behind every craving. The good news is that most of them can be solved easily.

Here are 6 common cravings and what they are trying to tell you, courtesy of FourNine.


1. Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? But, craving it all the time might indicate that your diet is lacking in magnesium which helps with energy production. You can easily get the same amount of energy from dark chocolate which is healthier and doesn’t contain as much sugar as milk chocolate.


2. Sugary food

If your dreams are filled with visions of sugary sweets or fizzy drinks, you might be having emotional troubles. What you really need is feelings of happiness which release dopamine – the feel-good hormone – as does sugar. However, this is neither a permanent, nor a healthy solution: try eating bananas, dried food or something that actually has nutritional value.


3. Salty food

Craving salty foods such as pizza or French fries might be due to stress. Your body looks for a way to suppress the release of cortisol by eating salty food. It also might be due to dehydration, which is why it’s important to have a bottle of water next to you at all times.


4. Red meat

If you want a burger or smoky BBQ ribs every day it might mean that you have zinc deficiency or iron deficiency anemia. Try substituting it for chicken or tofu which are healthier choices and check with a simple blood test if you have these deficiencies.


5. Carbs

Nothing tastes better than carbs, but it’s not healthy to be craving them all the time. If all you want to eat is pasta, bagels or donuts then you’re probably missing healthy sugars and vitamins such as B12 from your diet. Try substituting pasta or rice with wholemeal counterparts and skip the white bread; instead, eat whole-wheat or whole-grain bread.


6. Wine

A glass of wine actually has medical benefits like helping your body deal with stress. But in the long run, when it becomes more than just one class at night it has the opposite effect. Try to deal with stress with peppermint or chamomile tea which relaxes your muscles and have fewer calories than wine.


Source: fournine

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