Choose A Heart And Find Out How You’ll Spend Valentine’s Day

Well, Valentine’s Day is almost here! I know a lot of lovebirds are excited about that planing the special they for their partners, looking for perfect presents and making dinner reservations. But sometimes things don’t go as planned something even better might happen or something unexpected. So thanks to Meaww you can pick a hear that attracts you the most and find out how your Valentine’s Day is going to be.


Here, we have 10 different hearts of different colors for you to choose from. Go on!


1. Pink


If you chose the Pink heart your Valentine’s day would be all you ever wanted – cuddles, movie, dinner and emotional connection with your loved one. You might even find yourself falling in love all over again.

2. Green


If your choice is the green heart things might take a bad turn. You might even spend the day alone, jealous of happy couples, scrolling through some dating app. But hey, there is always chocolate.

3. Yellow


The yellow heart means you will have a laid back day cuddling with your partner under a blanket watching your favorite movie and sipping a hot cup of hot chocolate. You might even have some deep conversation that will rediscover the warmth of your relationship.

4. Black


A black hearts means trouble in paradise. You might fight with your partner or things can end up in tears instead of hugs. And even if don’t something which you’ll regret later, the chances of the day getting sour are too high.

5. White


If you chose the white heart on this day you will understand how much you really love your partner and that you are willing to do everything for them.

6. Red


If you chose the red heart get ready for a passionate day full of emotions, love, and surprises. You will feel everything for your partner: love. lost and desire.

7. Brown


This heart means you will spend the day appreciating what you got with your partner and you will also find yourself elevated in love.

8. Purple


Purple means adventurous and unforgettable day. You can do something like a treasure hunt with your partner and have fun while rekindling the desire and love you feel for them.

9. Blue


A blue heart means that just like the vastness of the blue sky, you would find how vast your own love is your soulmate. You might even be overwhelmed with love on this day.

10. Orange


And the orange hearts means a fun day that won’t go to plan but even better – it will be spontaneous and unforgettable. You will cherish every moment spend with your partner.

Source: meaww