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Chris Brown Put Ariana Grande On His New Album Artwork And Everyone Is Confused

Just recently, singer Chris Brown announced the release of Heartbreak on a Full Moon Deluxe Edition: Cuffing Season – 12 Days of Christmas on Instagram.


The album includes more tracks like This Xmas which was supposed to a be an early Christmas present to his fans. But what caught our eye is that the album art cover looks very much like Ariana Grande.

While this is strange, we have to admit that they do have some kind of history. Back in 2014, the pair released a collaboration named Don’t Be Gone Too Long. 

Then, the two starred in a medieval-inspired music video together featuring a person that looks very much like Jon Snow.

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However, Ariana didn’t have the chance to be featured in the X album that year since Chris released a version of the song that excluded her.


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Even though it was shady at first, there was a dispute between the artist’s label which lead him to cut her out. But, according to Chris Brown, there wasn’t any drama with Ari.


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Still, none of this explains why Ariana is on the 28-year-old’s album cover.



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Fans started coming up with different theories why Chris chose her for his Heartbreak on a Full Moon Deluxe Edition cover.

Every fan knows that the singer released a song and perfume called Moonlight. 


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This is the artwork for the album and there we have: Santa, evil elves, mistletoe, a jolly alien, a tree with presents and oops, girl, is that you?


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It’s definitely her. The woman in the album is posing exactly like the 24-year-old in a photoshoot she did for British clothing brand, Lipsy.

Since Chris had a “not so happy” past, the responses to the artwork were mixed.



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While others think it might still be a coincidence.


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But it seems like the first answer holds true, as shown by multiple Photoshop experts on Twitter.


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Then, people started realizing that the album has the phrase “cuffing season” in the name which refers locking down a partner in the winter when it’s too cold to date around. This could also be referred to Chris’s arrest.

The release of Don’t Be Gone Too Long was postponed for six months after he went to jail awaiting trial for assault charges.

Chris Brown

Source: Instagram | @chrisbrownofficial | MissInfo

Since the delay, some think that the artwork could be a diss. They believe that she was the one who wanted to postpone the track and that she no longer wished to be featured on the album.


Source: Instagram | @chrisbrownofficial

However, all that’s left to do is wait until it’s confirmed whether or not this is just a simple coincidence, or if it’s intentional.

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