Wanna Look Like A Christmas Tree? Glue Tinsel To Your Eyelashes

We can’t shut up about the Holiday Season, but to be fair, everyone else can’t either! Ever wondered how to look more like a Christmas tree, though? Well, here’s a tip: add some tinsel lashes.

The awkward Christmas invention can be tracked down to Regina Talpa, a twenty-two-year-old Swede who is, as you can notice, very much obsessed with makeup.

The idea is that your eyelashes will need to look glittery and shiny like a true Christmas decoration, and thanks to Popsugar, this trend has been gaining some traction now. Personally – I’d never glue actual tinsel and glitter to my eyelashes, for fear that I will eventually stab my eyes, but hey – to each their own.

The 22-year-old makeup-lover living in Sweden posts photos of glossy, glittery eyelids to her Instagram. One of her latest eye-makeup creations takes glistening eyes to an entirely new degree of sparkle with pieces of tinsel glued to her eyelashes.

I don’t know? See for yourself.

It looks pretty, truth be told.

A tip, though. If you really want to have some sparkly eyelashes for the Holidays, there’s a much easier way than gluing tinsel to every individual eyelash (how on Earth would you take them out?).  The Red Cherry Eyelashes, known for their excellent false eyelashes, sells many variants of colorful tinsel lashes – usually at the cost of $5. A much more practical solution, we say.

Source: popsugar