Christmas Tree Hair Is A New Holiday Trend

So, it is no surprise that there are many rather odd and pretty weird things on the Internet. We have almost seen it all. Almost. What’s next? Ah, a trend that is called Christmas tree hair. Well, why not? The humans can do anything and no one can stop them, right?

On the Internet, we have witnessed people doing weird things in the name of the holiday spirit. However, it seems like simply gathering with your family, exchanging gifts and having a nice dinner is obsolete somehow. So, instead of just doing the same hairstyle like every other Christmas, now you can make it more fun. You can transform your hair into a Christmas tree. That’s right. Nothing is more fun and interesting than stringing your wonderful hair with ornaments, heavy lights, and stars.

Bulbs-stars-garlands hairstyle anyone?
Imagine yourself with a Christmas tree on your head. I mean the comments, the looks and the questions would be inevitable.
If it brings you a smile and also happiness like these girls, why the heck not? Scroll down and take a good look at some of them, courtesy of Diply.

You might get an idea of your own different design and style. Cheers.

Look at that happy smile. She even has a star on top. Simply majestic and festive.


Source: Instagram | @hair_by_lalu_

Are you shocked like she is? I bet you are.


Source: Instagram | @tracycomeau

Well, people, she might think that the tree-hair by itself won’t be enough to express her festive feelings. So she chose Santa print too, and glossy lipstick.


Source: Instagram | @mollyslims

This girl not only has an impressively tall hair-tree but also real ornaments as earrings.


Source: Instagram | @beautyby_whitneypaige

Who has that much hair? It is rather impressive though.


Source: Instagram | @salonnadwa

Shine the lights, camera, ready. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Source: Instagram | @fresh1027ny
From: diply

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