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Learn How To Make A DIY Christmas Tree Out Of Plywood And Yarn

Learn How To Make A DIY Christmas Tree Out Of Plywood And Yarn

There’s a lot you can say about winter: some love it, some hate it but we can all agree that if there’s one good thing about it, it’s the holidays. The warm-despite-the-weather atmosphere of the holiday season even makes the biting cold almost worth it. Or maybe it’s the holiday season that makes the biting cold bearable…

Walking down the street and bumping into three different Santas, seeing the lights on every shop window, and Christmas trees on every corner just fills you with such nostalgia and joy… It really is the most wonderful time of the year, and what better way to spend it than invest some time in holiday-themed DIY projects, right?

Not only will it get you even more into the holiday spirit, but you can make it a group affair and also invest in some quality time with your friends, family, or even your special other. Sure, buying Christmas decorations is easier, but nothing really beats making one of your own, don’t you think?

If you’re in need of an idea, then we’ve got you covered. You can try making this Christmas tree out of plywood, nails, and yarn.

What you’re going to need is, of course, plywood, nails, and yarn, but also a ruler, a pencil, a hammer, scissors, and some small beads.

You start by drawing a triangular shape on the piece of plywood that closely resembles the general shape of a Christmas tree.

Next, hammer down the nails on both sides of the lines you drew and don’t worry about making them completely symmetrical. After all, have you ever seen an entirely symmetrical Christmas tree?

Don’t forget to also put some nails in the shape of the tree trunk and the star at the top.

Next, tie one of the pieces of string around one of the nails, and start stringing it from one nail to the other as in the picture below:

Do the same with the green string which will form the body of the tree. Alternate between the two different shades of brown and green to give it some dimension.

Finally, thread the beads in one of the strings and take it across your tree to make your Christmas tree decorations.

christmas tree out of plywood and yarn

Use the same method to form the star at the top.

christmas tree out of plywood and yarn

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And voila, here you have your own yarn Christmas tree which you can put up in your desk at the office, or your tiny apartment if you don’t have enough place for a real one.

christmas tree out of plywood and yarn

Watch this video to see it being assembled in real time:

Source: HandiWorks


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