Actor Cillian Murphy Is Not A Fan Of The “Peaky Blinders” Haircut

Peaky Blinders is the British crime show that is based on the exploits of the infamous Peaky Blinders gang which operated in Birmingham, England during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The series is set in the second-largest English city in the aftermath of World War I and it focuses on the fierce gang boss Tommy Shelby, played by actor Cillian Murphy, who wants to move up in the world.

Sometimes TV dramas dictate trends as much as catwalk shows do. In this British drama that captivated our attention, the clothes the characters wear are sharp but not stuffy and they look pretty neat and clean. Also, the Peaky Blinders haircut features undercut sides and textured length on top. But, apparently, star Cillian Murphy hates the show’s trademark haircut.

The 41-year-old actor said: “It’s crazy that people like it.” The Irishman wonders do people realize ‘it was styled this way to prevent lice?’

He told Shortlist Magazine how he feels about the ‘Peaky cut’: “People like the undercut thing; people go to the barber and ask for a ‘Peaky cut’. It’s crazy that people like it, it’s not grown on me in four years now. I normally keep my hair long.”

But the creator of the show Steven Knight told LADbible: “When the actors first had the cut for the very first series, they were horrified, basically saying ‘we can’t go home’ and now it’s everywhere, I mean everybody’s got it. I love it and I think it’s the greatest tribute when you write something that enters the culture. I think Peaky Blinders has definitely entered the culture.”


The English screenwriter and film director, also shared with LADbible which episodes he liked the most


“I think The Noose and the first episode of the series are brilliant. The sixth episode of season two, and I think episode five of series four will be one of the best, ever,” he added.

He also explained the writing process: “The characters we’ve already got… I let them speak for themselves and when I write, I try and imagine how they’d react and what they’d say to each other.”


Credit: BBC/Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders season five hasn’t got a release date yet, but we know we are beyond impatient.

Source: ladbible